Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Date Night for Obamalove

Normally I wouldn't care. But consider the ramifications if this had been president Bush. The headline would read, "Country at War, Millions Homeless or Unemployed. President Jets to NY for Date Night".

Obamalove runs strong and deep. "He's so handsome and buff.....and he plays basketball....and he's has a Blackberry.....(and he's a smoker).....and he's just!"


Ordinary Jill said...

You're forgetting that the MSM mostly gave Bush a pass for all the months he spent at the ranch or fundraising or otherwise working only part-time as President (including on 9/11). You are perceiving a double standard where none exists.

Deekaman said...

They gave him no pass at all. You are using selective memory here. The MSM was more than happy to help Michael Moore hammer away at the President's activities on 9/11. The same for pretty much any time he went to Crawford. Further, this is the President who is telling us we will have to do with less and we must stop using fossil fuels. I'm holding him to that standard.

He has no problem with flying a couple guys from CA in to make him pizza. This is the second time he's used Air force One as his personal transportation for "date night". And you may recall that Michelle showed up at a homeless shelter a few weeks ago wearing $540 sneakers.

These are people who are caught up in the trappings of power and privilege and have no respect for their responsibilities or the office.

Dad29 said...

You forgot "Women, Minorities Hit Hardest..."

And, Jill, the MSM did NOT give Bush "a pass"--we read constantly about his "long, long, 'vacations'" at the ranch.

Somehow, a night in the Big Apple strikes me as......I dunno.....DIFFERENT than a few weeks chopping scrub bush.

But then, maybe you know better than I. Last time I was at a Broadway show, it was the mid-seventies' revival of West Side Story, James Levine conducting.