Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Lack of Intellectual Honesty in the Energy Debate

I have to admit, I'm not surprised at all.

This is not about "green" energy. This is about fear and control. If nuclear is too expensive to build (MIT estimates $4000 per installed kW), then solar and wind at (surprise!) $4000 per installed kW would also be too expensive to build, eh?

Further, the "waste issue" was solved. Until this President killed Yucca Mountain by executive order. The same way Jimmy Carter killed fuel reprocessing and breeder reactors in the late '70's.

Nuclear is plentiful, has no (alleged) greenhouse gas emissions and makes its' own fuel as it operates. These are the same people who oppose new hydroelectric, new coal, new natural gas and new oil-fired power plants. In their view, we should all live an agrarian lifestyle with minimal energy consumption (except for them, of course - see, "Al Gore").

I'm tired of them running my life.

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Jeni said...

"I'm tired of them running my life."MEGA Ditto's on that note.