Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Push Back

The current state of the country is this:

  • Unemployment is 8.3%
  • Gasoline is over $4 a gallon and expected to continue climbing.
  • CPI is up 0.4%.  Here comes inflation.  This is "only" 4.8% annualized, but it is only the beginning.
  • Housing prices have yet to bottom in much of the country.
  • The EPA just assured that no new coal-fired power plants will be built in the United States
  • We are losing the war in Afghanistan and the peace in Iraq.
  • The #Occupy movement is gearing up  to take to the streets throughout the summer.

A real leader would deal with such problems, but the #Occupier of the White House and his minions would much rather distract from the focus on these things.  If I was as much at fault as The #Occupier of the White House, I'd distract, too.

The absurdity of "The Republican War On Women" should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.  But the table was set for this one over the last 50 years.  By cowering and failing to take the lie on full frontal, Conservatives have given up the high ground.  Every time a Conservative has made a statement that can be turned, it has been.  And every time that lie is told, the Conservative cowers in a corner.  The politician resigns, the public figure apologizes.  Never is the lie called out.  But when a Leftist makes the same statement, performs the same act, it is never "hypocrisy".  He is never forced to resign, never forced to apologize (I'd argue "forced" is the wrong word, but you decide).  The media never says "boo" about it.  And Conservatives push back a little, then stop.  The same can be said for all things racial.  Consequently, now that the #Occupier of the White House needs distractions, he can get them at the drop of a hat. 

I don't necessarily think this is all bad though.  It is generally RINOs who end up with their hand in the cookie jar.  If they leave office, I see it as no big deal (adios Olympia Snowe).  But, we have to continue to push through the lie and focus back on the important subject.  We spent way too much time on claiming that we weren't against birth control (just paying for someone else's) and not long enough on the economy.  We are spending way too much time on the absurdity of the Trayvon reaction and not enough time on the destruction of domestic energy.  

So here's the deal.  Push back on the lies, but do not let the lies distract from the important stuff.  the lies are designed to distract and the Left is very good at it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Defending the American Dream

I'll be at the summit in Milwaukee today.  I plan to try to "Live Blog", but no guarantees.

0830:  Well, we're here.  I don't have my reading gl;asses, so I am not responsible for typos.  Wondering howmany will show.  Maybe half-full right now, but nothing starts until 9.

0930:  About 1000 people have shown up.  On 18 days notice, that's not bad.  Tim Phillips is currently up.  The opening was quite good.  The National Anthem was live and Luke Hilgemann opened it up and introduced Tim Phillips.

Tim is currently discussing what has and is happening in Wisconsin.  "The country is watching Wisconsin".  "The best governor in the United States is Scott Walker".

Wisconsin has more AFP activists than the teacher's union has for their causes.

Pushing back on the (alleged) Global Warming agenda.

Regarding government benefits that a far beyond what anyone else gets, "Speak the truth"

Now up:  Michelle Malkin.

"Not a moment of silence, but a moment of raucousness for the late, great Andrew Breitbart!"

The Breitbart Children's Fund:
149 S. Barrington Ave.
LosAngeles, CA  90049

"Give generously.  We take care of each other."

"The War On Conservative Women"..."Especially Lt. Gov. Kleefisch.  Stand with her".

"America does not need to be transformed, it needs to be restored".

"Happy Warriors"

"Obamacare"  "Ivy League Eggheads"  "Medical Device Tax"

My note:  A Zoll AED that cost less than $1000 a couple years ago now costs nearly $1500 because of the Medical Device Tax.

Solyndra.  "We have the facts, the truth and our Founding Father's Legacy on our side"

Next up:  RoJo!!!!!

Ron Johnson is a numbers guy.  He is talking about the cost of Obamacare and how what the Founders really meant.

"Far too many Americans forgot..."  "The government is something to fear"  "The Left has been relentless ....addict Americans to government".  "Trading freedom for economic security."

Inspired by those who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He's been to Bethesda and Walter Reed.  Met with horribly wounded soldiers and is inspired by their sacrifice.  This is not something Deekaman can put into words.  If the Senator's speech shows up on YouTube, make sure you check it out/

Battery is falling off.  I will see if I can be back soon.

1135:  It is lunchtime and I am recharging the battery, sitting in a hallway through which, it appears Rick Santorum may come.  He is supposed to be here today.  The light is better, so I can see all my typos.

Robin Vos spoke right before lunch and during lunch the bomb squad stopped by and had the dog do a little sniffing behind the stage.  I do not know if this is routine or there was a threat.

Deekawife 3.0 got to stop by and talk to Michelle Malkin.  If she will allow, I will post a picture.

There's a lot of press activity where I am sitting.  Much talk of guests coming through and entering via the kitchen or another route.  I will let you know if it is Santorum.  Is this where he announces he is done?   Not with a bang, but with a whimper?

1215:  Santorum is here.  The obligatory shout-out to Gov.Walker and Paul Ryan.  Very classy.  Secret Service is here as well.  It is obvious who they are.

"The most  important race since 1860".  Fundamental changes."  He is headed toward a "Morning in America" speech here.  Hard to not like the guy.  "Vision and commitment.  "Government robbing us of our fundamental freedoms".  "Obamacare changes our fundamental freedomes".

Santorum says he is in to kill Obamacare..  Campaign speech.  Now hammering Romneycare.  Energy.  Clbbering Obama on energy.  Romney, too.

If Santorum does what he says and not what he's done, he's perfect.  I just have my doubts.

Shout-out to RoJo.  Awesome. Claims he isn't going to "go along to get along".  I remain skeptical.

He's got the etch-a-sketch.  Doing what's right, he says.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Importance of Changing the Subject

Bill Clinton perfected "deny, deny, deny". Sandra Fluke and the Democrats are perfecting "change the subject". With the help of CNN, opinion disguised as news changes the subject from the absurdity of Sandra Fluke's testimony (recounted ad infinitum). The "Sticks and Stones may break my bones" statements by Fluke and the attempt to drive the conversation back to "those old, mean white men in the Republican Party don't want me to have contraception just make her look more foolish. Only the true believers accept what she says at face value. Only a fool would believe this tripe: Thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, preventive care services, including contraception, will be covered by private insurance plans without co-pays or deductibles. If appropriately implemented, this important law will finally guarantee women access to contraception, regardless of the religious affiliation of their workplace or school.

Who does she think pays for this stuff? It's not the insurance companies, it's those who pay the premiums. That the religious institution is paying the premium means the religious institution is paying for the birth control. Sandra Fluke is lying. There is no conspiracy to restrict access to contraception. Only a desire to enforce thee First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Government has no business interfering in religion. It's that pesky,"free exercise thereof" that we are defending.

Fluke may or may not be a third-year law student, but more than that, she is a an activist bent on forcing her view of morality on the rest of the country.  She is perfectly willing to change the subject to make that happen.

Monday, March 12, 2012

They Can't Win If There Is Voter ID

The Beer:  I have a Pilsener lagering for a few weeks before I bottle or keg it.

The Bicycle:  40 miles to open the season (admittedly, only 20 of it was good - carrying around 30 extra pounds doesn't help).

The VRWC:  Another Dane County judge strikes down voter ID.  Is anyone surprised?  The logic here is just tortured.  It is argued the constitution does not explicitly allow for photo ID.  But it can (and should) be argued that "Laws defining residency" and "Providing for registration of electors" can and should include some form of identification.

Further, I would ask this judge if he considers the Constitution of the United States "A Living, Breathing Document" (nearly all Libs do), in which case, it is OK to make stuff up.

But it is not necessary.  Judge Niess, while decrying the parsing of words in the Constitution, does so himself and cherry picks his way to ending voter fraud ID in Wisconsin and ensuring a Democrat majority in the Senate, a new governor and an Obama win in the fall.  I am certain there is a federal judgeship in it for him.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Like Waiting for Godot, I Suppose

The Wisconsin Democrats, joined by one Republican (RINO) ginned up some excuses to kill the mining bill.  Friend Bob is wondering when the unions are going too come to the aid of their brethren, so despicably and inexplicably denied good paying jobs in northern Wisconsin. 

In case you are unable to access the posting, here it is in its entirety:

I'm Waiting For The Call To Protest At The Capitol This Weekend.

by Robert Utecht on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 9:33am ·

Because the Democrats in the Wisconsin State Senate rejected the Mining Bill this week, I'm
waiting for the call from the Unions to protest at the Capitol this weekend.
Because the Democrats rejected all of these great paying Union Jobs for my Union Brothers and
Sisters up North this week, I'm waiting for the call from the unions to go protest the
Democrat State Senators today.
I'm waiting for UW students to come and stand beside us because of what the Wisconsin
Democratic Senators have done.
I know that, the first time around, this was never about Republican vs. Democrat. The first
time around, it was about doing the right thing, protecting Union jobs.
I'm waiting with my vuvuzela and a 5 gallon bucket. I also have a jugful of change to shake.
I have my chants all ready.
I'm waiting for the Solidarity Singers to sing a song for my Union Brothers and Sisters up
North that can't have a decent paying job thanks to the Wisconsin State Democratic Senators.
I'm waiting for my Union Brothers and Sisters from WEAC, AFSCME, and the other Public Unions
to call in sick Monday to protest with us, like so many Teamsters, UAW, UFCW, and other did
for them.
I'm ready to get in the face of those dems that support these Wisconsin Democratic Senators.
I'm ready to occupy the Capitol and bang on doors.
I'm ready to stay out there for days with no shower facilities.
I'm ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with THOUSANDS of my Union Brothers and Sisters to
fight this injustice by the Wisconsin Democratic State Senators.
I'm waiting. . .

Bob will continue to wait because the unions which would benefit from the mines are not the ones who supply the coffers of the Wisconsin Democrat Party. On balance, the mine would be a win for Governor Walker and a loss for the Democrats. They will not relent until they have power back. Then you can be assured they will support legislation like this.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What's Next After Walker Wins Recall?

The Beer:  I brewed up a Pilsener over the weekend.  It will have to lager for an extended period, so I'm figuring about the time it gets warm, the Pils will be ready to drink.

The Bicycle:  It appears riding season is soon upon us, with Tuesday and Wednesday temps in the 50's.  Yay.

The VRWC:  It is a foregone conclusion that there will be a recall election in Wisconsin.  It is as nearly forgone that Walker will win, regardless of who the opponent is.  Falk will get clobbered.  I don't even think the Leftists like her.  Barrett thinks he can win, but once it comes out he's been using the Act 10 tools, he's toast.

So what happens if Walker wins?  The Left has spend millions upon millions trying to make Wisconsin ungovernable.  Street Theater, Occupying and defacing the Capitol, bullying and shouting down legislators, staling the governor, drums and vuvuzelas and 300 paces (approximate distance from the square to the rotunda).  They are barbarians.

So, what happens when Walker wins?  Permanent occupation?  Making Wisconsin ungovernable?  Mass sickouts by teachers and government workers?  Wildcat strikes?  I see the potential for all these and more.  The Left sees the potential for their power to slip away.  They will stop at nothing.  All one needs for a taste is to see what has transpired over one....little...word spoken in satire by Rush Limbaugh.

If you think we aren't next, think again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Game On

"Eventually" just showed up.

Napolitano is fired, Brietbart dies, Rush is hushed. On these victories, the Left has begun an all-out offensive against us. Your opinion and faith MUST now coincide with theirs or there will be hell to pay. If you think the Rush Limbaugh thing is the end of it with his apology, think again. The Left has gone into an all-out blitzkrieg against Conservative talk shows, Conservative actors and actresses and Conservative institutions. This may well be our Krystallnacht. (Not that I am comparing Leftists to Nazis. Any comparison is purely your own and/or coincidental).

This is no different from the Nazi takeover of Germany before WWII, it is no different than the Communist takeovers of Russia, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba. Bully the opposition into silence. If they can't be bullied, take away their means of support. If that doesn't work, round them up for re-education. If that doesn't work, shoot them.  Are you prepared?  This will become much worse by the time the general election rolls around.  We must push back, we must not be bullied and we must take the fight to them.

I will no longer be silent in public.  I will no longer silently take their abuse heaped upon us.

The Fundamental Hypocrisy of the Left

The Left is a gaggle of "takers" and hypocrites.  There is some overlap here, but at its core, this is the Left.  The recent hoo-ha over funding of birth control is evidence.

Sandra Fluke testifies before Congress that her Jesuit college or the federal government or someone else should pay for the birth control of all women.  God forbid they should pay for it themselves or keep their legs shut.  As a consequence of this absurd testimony, the word "slut" was used in reference to her by talk show host Rush Limbaugh.  suddenly, the Left changed the subject.  Rather than discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of Ms. Fluke's demands, rather than discuss that she was not exactly who she claimed to be and rather than discuss that she is not just a concerned citizen, but rather an activist for the Left, it became about the word.

Now, I will state that I do not know Sandra least not in the Biblical sense.  I do not know if she is a slut in sexual terms.  But based on her testimony, her activism and her willingness to cover up who she really is, I believe she is a political/ideological slut, willing to do or say anything to advance the agenda.

The Left-wing Extremists are outraged at this portrayal of their newfound heroine and have forced Limbaugh to apologize through their heavy-handed thuggishness against his sponsors.  Admittedly, I was disappointed to see him apologize.  Their goal is to silence him.  But the Professor at Legal Insurrection made an excellent point.  By apologizing, the discussion is no longer about the word and can go on about the topic.

But all this shows what hypocrites and bullies the Left wing remains.  They said nothing as radical Left wing talk show hosts like Bill Maher referred to Sarah Palin as a "cunt" and Laura Ingraham and a whore..  These characterizations of Conservative women are common with the extreme agenda of the Left.  The extremists who rule the Democrat party with an iron fist bully their way to whatever they happen to want.  They lie about the agenda, change the subject and cry about the mote in the eye of a Conservative while ignoring the log in their own.

At some point, the bullies will need a "punch in the nose".