Saturday, March 24, 2012

Defending the American Dream

I'll be at the summit in Milwaukee today.  I plan to try to "Live Blog", but no guarantees.

0830:  Well, we're here.  I don't have my reading gl;asses, so I am not responsible for typos.  Wondering howmany will show.  Maybe half-full right now, but nothing starts until 9.

0930:  About 1000 people have shown up.  On 18 days notice, that's not bad.  Tim Phillips is currently up.  The opening was quite good.  The National Anthem was live and Luke Hilgemann opened it up and introduced Tim Phillips.

Tim is currently discussing what has and is happening in Wisconsin.  "The country is watching Wisconsin".  "The best governor in the United States is Scott Walker".

Wisconsin has more AFP activists than the teacher's union has for their causes.

Pushing back on the (alleged) Global Warming agenda.

Regarding government benefits that a far beyond what anyone else gets, "Speak the truth"

Now up:  Michelle Malkin.

"Not a moment of silence, but a moment of raucousness for the late, great Andrew Breitbart!"

The Breitbart Children's Fund:
149 S. Barrington Ave.
LosAngeles, CA  90049

"Give generously.  We take care of each other."

"The War On Conservative Women"..."Especially Lt. Gov. Kleefisch.  Stand with her".

"America does not need to be transformed, it needs to be restored".

"Happy Warriors"

"Obamacare"  "Ivy League Eggheads"  "Medical Device Tax"

My note:  A Zoll AED that cost less than $1000 a couple years ago now costs nearly $1500 because of the Medical Device Tax.

Solyndra.  "We have the facts, the truth and our Founding Father's Legacy on our side"

Next up:  RoJo!!!!!

Ron Johnson is a numbers guy.  He is talking about the cost of Obamacare and how what the Founders really meant.

"Far too many Americans forgot..."  "The government is something to fear"  "The Left has been relentless ....addict Americans to government".  "Trading freedom for economic security."

Inspired by those who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He's been to Bethesda and Walter Reed.  Met with horribly wounded soldiers and is inspired by their sacrifice.  This is not something Deekaman can put into words.  If the Senator's speech shows up on YouTube, make sure you check it out/

Battery is falling off.  I will see if I can be back soon.

1135:  It is lunchtime and I am recharging the battery, sitting in a hallway through which, it appears Rick Santorum may come.  He is supposed to be here today.  The light is better, so I can see all my typos.

Robin Vos spoke right before lunch and during lunch the bomb squad stopped by and had the dog do a little sniffing behind the stage.  I do not know if this is routine or there was a threat.

Deekawife 3.0 got to stop by and talk to Michelle Malkin.  If she will allow, I will post a picture.

There's a lot of press activity where I am sitting.  Much talk of guests coming through and entering via the kitchen or another route.  I will let you know if it is Santorum.  Is this where he announces he is done?   Not with a bang, but with a whimper?

1215:  Santorum is here.  The obligatory shout-out to Gov.Walker and Paul Ryan.  Very classy.  Secret Service is here as well.  It is obvious who they are.

"The most  important race since 1860".  Fundamental changes."  He is headed toward a "Morning in America" speech here.  Hard to not like the guy.  "Vision and commitment.  "Government robbing us of our fundamental freedoms".  "Obamacare changes our fundamental freedomes".

Santorum says he is in to kill Obamacare..  Campaign speech.  Now hammering Romneycare.  Energy.  Clbbering Obama on energy.  Romney, too.

If Santorum does what he says and not what he's done, he's perfect.  I just have my doubts.

Shout-out to RoJo.  Awesome. Claims he isn't going to "go along to get along".  I remain skeptical.

He's got the etch-a-sketch.  Doing what's right, he says.

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