Saturday, April 28, 2012

The "I-Word"

Too often O'Reilly softballs his guests.  He doesn't here.  Novoa dodges his main question, which tells me that, yes she supports open borders.  The very idea that we should be calling "illegal" "the I-word" is obviously absurd.  It dehumanizes people?  Then we shouldn't use the word at all, right?  Because well, referring to someone's breaking of the law might make them feel bad.

Osama, Obama and Foreign Failure

Great stuff from Professor Jacobson

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taking Over The Conversation

The Beer:  The Houblonmonstre and the Sinistral Warrior are both bottled and will soon be ready to drink.

The Bicycle:  Weather and old age are conspiring to keep me from riding.

The VRWC:  It has been the realm of the Left for many years now.  The idea that Conservative Republicans are "extremist" and unbending.  That it's "the failed policies of the past" that put the United States near to a state of bankruptcy.  That it is the Right that has moved to extremism.  None of it is true, but we on the Right have allowed the Left to define us.

In fact, it is the Left which has and continues to lurch toward Socialism.  There are no more "Conservative Democrats", no "Blue-Dogs".  Guys like John F.Kennedy do not exist in the Democrat party.

David Axelrod continues the Big Lie here.  It is interesting wording with which the author makes a reference to the French Revolution .

The Democrats continue to call Republicans and especially Conservative Republicans "extreme" and that the GOP wants to starve old people, that there is a "War on Women".  That Reagan wasn't ideologically pure enough to win the nomination.  All these things are demonstrably false, yet the beat goes on from the Democrats and their MSM mouthpieces.

Why do the Republicans not respond to lies such as those that come from the mouth of Axelrod?  I really don't have that answer, but I can tell you this:  Republicans have been complicit in the current condition of the country.  Over the last 4 years, they have done an acceptable job of holding the line against the worst of Obama's policies, but over the last 50, they have been as Prog, as Big Government as the Democrats.  Even when they do disagree with a Big Government policy, they end up "compromising" in the direction of slightly less Bigger Government.  The compromise is never in the other direction - toward smaller government.  Even Reagan only wanted to slow the growth of government.

We are now at a political tipping point. The takers just about outnumber the makers.  There are very few options remaining.  Divide the Union between states that wish to restrain government and return to a more capitalistic system and those states which, like California wish to give everything to everyone?  A second Civil War between the makers and the takers?  I don't not see any other options unless one emerges who becomes the Great Uniter, who can communicate the plight and get the electorate to understand that we must return to a smaller Federal government if we are to survive as a nation.  I see no one on the horizon who will fit that description.  I shall die lamenting the lost greatness of the "Last, Best Hope".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Easy to Lie...

But lying about the word of Jesus?  Now,as a rule, I give other folks the benefit of the doubt.  Calling a man a liar just ain't right.  But Carl Koch of LaCrosse, in a letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel either misunderstands the Word  of God, or he chooses to misrepresent that same Word.

He claims that Congressman Paul Ryan has presented a budget that is un-Christian because it doesn't give the government enough money to meet central Catholic teachings and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  But in fact, he's completely wrong here.  It is Koch who is un-Christian.  He expects someone else to do the work of taking carte of the poor and healing of the sick.  He expects the government to do it.  That is not what Jesus meant.  At no point did he say "give your money to the Romans so they can take care of the poor".  No, Jesus told each and every one of us to care for others.  Personally and directly.  But, I am certain that Koch doesn't want to get his hands dirty with "those people".

Further, Koch infers that "rich people" are headed to hell.  Again, he is just wrong.  Loving money more than Jesus, I suppose will get you into Hell.  But we are also commanded to not judge whether or  not people are destined for Heaven or Hell (the REAL meaning of  "judge ye not...").

Koch had no problem with the amount of money Obamacare stole from Medicare, why is there a problem with  Ryan's budget?

Stupid? Stupid is to stay this unsustainable course.  It is stupid to continue to tax and tax and tax in the name of helping others when it is demonstrably true that government programs "help" almost no one.  They only provide a crutch.  A "fish" instead of teaching a man to fish.  That, folks is un-Christian.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How I See It

The Beer:  Sinistral Warrior IPA with Houblonmonstre in the fermenter.  I plan to brew something else Friday, just don't know what to call it.

The Bicycle:  Yeah, we're riding....

The VRWC:  I'm not sure where I am going with this one.  I'll start with what I think will happen between now and November.

  • The investigation into the two 'Walker Aides" has been quiet, though the governor has retained legal representation.  The Left sees that as an admission of guilt, I see it as a necessary evil.  I expect between now and June 5, a politically motivated indictment or criminal charge will come down against Walker.  it will be baseless, but the media will run with it....hard.  The lie will work and Walker will be unseated.  in addition, the down-ballot recallees will be defeated as well.  The governorship and Senate will return to the Democrats.
  • The table is already being set for November.  The GOP "War on Women", "racism" in the form of George Zimmermann, the de-legitimizing of the Supreme Court will all play in Obama's favor enough that he gets re-elected.  If he is not and the vote is close, he is setting the table to de-legitimize the election by sending his DOJ henchmen to "observe" elections in states with voter id and swing states.  I fear this election will end up in court and make Bush v. Gore look tame.  I expect there will be intimidation at the polls and, if Obama loses, violence in the streets.  It will be widespread.
I fear the Republic will end not with a whimper, but with the bang of guns.  

Sorry to be so pessimistic tonight.