Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They Become More Hostile Every Day

I don't know who James Marshall Crotty is, but he seems to think he's pretty smart and we are pretty stupid.  Because you are God-Fearing, run a business, spell potato with an "e" at the end, talk funny or are just a Conservative, you are a dunce.  Now, stating one has been to "57 states", giving the Russians a "reset button", and making an ass of yourself before the Queen of England, well, apparently those are forgivable gaffes.  Spending trillions of dollars in "stimulus" with no discernible benefit (except to cronies like Solyndra) is not "stupid" in the Liberal sense.  He is happy to state that Michelle Bachmann has little understanding of countries outside the US border, but fails to see that the current "Occupier" of the White House, his "Chosen One" has shown a complete inability and unwillingness to deal with foreign policy.

He speaks as though he knows all and anyone who sees anything differently must do so because they are stupid.  He claims Iraq came about as a lie, but it did not.  Even if it did, Democrats, including the Occupier were complicit.  Further, he claims the cost in the trillions, but he is lying.

Crotty doesn't feel the Republican nominees debate well, but apparently The Occupier's use of a teleprompter for nearly everything is no matter of importance.

Crotty's slander, name-calling, lying and disinformation speak to his hatred.  He's one of the "Smart People" not a smart (or nice) person.  He shows his fear and insecurity in his own intelligence by trying to bring down those of us on the Right.

His die-hard Republican mother should have kicked his ass.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Class Warfare

This time, it's former Congressman Steve Kagen, Democrat,living in Appleton, WI.  His hateful rhetoric is breathtaking as is the scope of his misinformation.  While the national debt did increase from $5 trillion to $10 trillion between 2000 and 2008, it was a bi-partisan effort.  The debt has increased in the ensuing 2+ years by another $5 trillion.  During the vast bulk of that time, the Democrats held sway in both houses of Congress and Democrats also held the White House.  I call that a Democrat problem.  

Further, for Kagen to make this claim is just lying:

Currently, our debt is $15 trillion - $12 trillion coming from Republicans and $3 trillion from Democrats.

How he can possibly put this in print is positively mind-boggling.  As is clear from the chart, the debt exceeded $1 trillion in about 1992 and ballooned to over $5.5 trillion by 2000.  Those are the Clinton years.  You remember them....when "Clinton left a surplus".  The only reason he ever left a surplus was because he had a Republican Congress.  Clinton QUINTUPLED the debt.  I stipulate the next $4.5 trillion came via 8 years of Bush 43.  But the next $5 trillion is all Democrat.

Here is another Kagen lie:

The last administration nearly destroyed America by deregulating our housing markets and Wall Street financial firms, giving two tax cuts to the rich, bailing out fraudulent big banks, handing over $400 billion to big drug companies for Medicare Part D and sending our children overseas to fight two wars at the same time - without paying a penny for any of it. Outrageous.

Kagen vote in favor of the $700 billion TARP bailout.  THAT is what is outrageous.  Additionally, for him to bash Bush over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is just disingenuous.  First, by most independent accounts, the wars, combined cost less than $1 trillion under Bush.  Making the claim they were "unpaid for" is like saying the United States has spent  trillions of dollars on welfare and social programs ALL UNPAID FOR.  And since he and his friends in the Democrat party have failed to come up with a budget for over 900 days and block anything the Republicans submit, I can make the argument that NOTHING has been paid for in nearly 3 years.

Kagen comes off like an angry loser, full of sour grapes.  But then,so does the rest of the Democrat Party.

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Remember what you are thankful for and from Whom it came.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here We Go Again

The name of this blog is Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC, but I've been rather delinquent in the beer and bicycles part.  I think I need to fix that.

The Beer:  A Scottish Wee Heavy awaits me for bottling.  A Winter Saison and a clone of Arrogant Bastard Ale have turned out nicely (the latter being a fitting beer for me).  Saturday, I intend to brew up a Pumpkin Ale.    I have also bottled the mead and brewed up a nice apple cider.  Next week is time for opening the Bad Santa I brewed in January.

The Bicycle:  Is hanging up after Race the Lake.  I finished in under 4 hours and did very well in my age group and overall (search under bib #554).


I hear a lot of how wonderful teachers are.  I hear a lot about how hard they work and how dedicated they are.  I hear a lot about how they are the experts and we are just a bunch of schlubs who don't know from edumaction.  But apparently, Caryl Davis of the Milwaukee Public Schools doesn't want the hard part.

Look, I get that a good bit of the problem in big city education is the lack of a good parenting.  I get that drugs, violence and poverty permeate the lives of those children left in MPS.  I get that it is nearly impossible to teach kids under those conditions.

What I don't get is why Caryl Davis NOW wants help from the community.  Every time I offer and opinion at a school board meeting that I think is helpful, I get sneers, jeers and looks down the nose.  If you want help,you want help.  If help is offered, at least be polite in turning it down.  You are likely to get a better response when the next time you ask.

But,since teachers are more caring, nurturing, smarter, better, harder working, more dedicated and more underpaid than anyone .....wait for it....EVAH!  They are welcome to kiss my fat ass.

Never complain about free beer, free food or free help.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lies, Damn Lies and The Left

It's a shame Rose Locander spent 33 years indoctrinating educating Wisconsin children.  She is much better at propaganda.

In her November 15, 2011 column, Rosie the Recaller tries to convince us that the years public employees spent raping the taxpayer for no benefit other than their own was no big deal.  It was 50 years of "Blood, Sweat and Tears".

Sorry, Rose (not really - it's just a figure of speech).  It was more like ,"We're going to get ours and screw you, taxpayer."  Teachers in particular have received more and more for less and less.  There has been no measurable improvement in Wisconsin education in those 50 years.  In fact, it has gotten worse.  Just about a year ago, I was placed in charge of a manufacturing operation.  If the performance of that operation had been worse after I was placed in charge, I guarantee you I would not get a raise and would be lucky to keep my job.  But not if you're a teacher.  Keep your job and clamor for more money which your friends on the school board (former teachers, generally) are more than happy to give you.

Locander claims "If this was on his mind so early into his governorship, it seems logical this would have been something for him to talk about during the campaign."  Maybe so, but I am pretty sure you didn't tell anyone thirty three years ago that the performance of your "profession" (I use the term loosely - you are not a professional.  You belong to a labor union and are, therefore, labor) that your performance would not improve with time and money.  She further makes claims regarding "workers rights".  You did not have a "right" here.  You had a privilege which you abused.  It was revoked.  You are lucky that's all you get.  You should have been fired.  The lot of you.  You collude with government to rape the taxpayer, then buy the politician with the dirty money you have stolen.  You claim to hate the corporations that "buy" government, but fail to recognize that unions deliver more money to politicians than the "evil" corporations ever thought of.  Unions are no more "persons" than corporations are.

Shame on you, Rose Locander.  You are a propagandist, liar and hypocrite.  I should come and protest on your front lawn.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This line caught my eye pretty quickly:

And President Obama's push for a nuclear-weapons-free world is moving at a frustrating, glacial pace.

I was unaware of any such undertaking by this administration, but apparently, The Lookout on Yahoo knows differently.  Or maybe wants to believe differently.  This is opinion disguised as news.

The administration may claim it wants a nuclear-free world, but in reality, it only wants a nuclear-free United States.  This includes the use of nuclear energy.

In spite of what The Atlantic might say, Obama's words regarding a nuclear-weapons-free world (like nearly all his words) are strictly rhetoric.  Nothing has been done or will be done.  That is, there was never any intention, in spite of the wishful thinking of the Leftist Sock-Puppet Media. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From Penn State to State Pen

Damn shame that Paterno let his legacy become this.  But he allowed it to happen.  On his watch.

Updated:  Gone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


You have all seen the videos of #Occupy and I'm sure you are all well aware of the TEA Parties throughout the US these past years.  You know the difference between the two.  So the question is why does the establishment consider the TEA Party movement a threat and not the #Occupy movement?

Simple:  We threaten their hold on power.  #Occupy helps cement it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Voter ID Actually "Attacks" Democracy

Notwithstanding that we do not live in a "Democracy",but rather a Representative Democratic Republic, this argument is absurd.

I have no problem with taxpayers footing the bill for ID.  I assume, since the authors are against this heinous attempt to bilk taxpayers, they are in favor of Act 10?  No, probably not.

The fact is,without voter ID anyone can go to the poll before you arrive,vote in your name and no one is the wiser.  It happens.  No one is prosecuted because there is no evidence and no ability to locate the perp.  To say that since no one is prosecuted, the crime never happens is more absurdity.  I admit it is possible some will not be able to vote under the new voter ID requirements.  The authors pull an extreme example and make it appear to be the norm.  It's not.  Without voter ID,we are all potentially disenfranchised.  Every...single...voter.

In Wisconsin, the numbers are even starker. A study from the University of Wisconsin found that 23% of Wisconsin voters ages 65 and older lack a state ID, that fully half of Wisconsin's African-American and Latino voters lack ID and among young voters in Wisconsin, a whopping 78% of African-American men ages 18 to 24 lack a state ID.

And?  These are all people who have chosen to live without valid ID for whatever reason.  It is available and affordable.

Interesting, isn't it that Democrats often claim Republicans are behind voter fraud,yet are against voter identification.  

Another Reason To Not Live In Milwaukee

Apparently, Milwaukee believes Act 10 doesn't apply.

Hey,business:  Ozaukee County is open.