Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Class Warfare

This time, it's former Congressman Steve Kagen, Democrat,living in Appleton, WI.  His hateful rhetoric is breathtaking as is the scope of his misinformation.  While the national debt did increase from $5 trillion to $10 trillion between 2000 and 2008, it was a bi-partisan effort.  The debt has increased in the ensuing 2+ years by another $5 trillion.  During the vast bulk of that time, the Democrats held sway in both houses of Congress and Democrats also held the White House.  I call that a Democrat problem.  

Further, for Kagen to make this claim is just lying:

Currently, our debt is $15 trillion - $12 trillion coming from Republicans and $3 trillion from Democrats.

How he can possibly put this in print is positively mind-boggling.  As is clear from the chart, the debt exceeded $1 trillion in about 1992 and ballooned to over $5.5 trillion by 2000.  Those are the Clinton years.  You remember them....when "Clinton left a surplus".  The only reason he ever left a surplus was because he had a Republican Congress.  Clinton QUINTUPLED the debt.  I stipulate the next $4.5 trillion came via 8 years of Bush 43.  But the next $5 trillion is all Democrat.

Here is another Kagen lie:

The last administration nearly destroyed America by deregulating our housing markets and Wall Street financial firms, giving two tax cuts to the rich, bailing out fraudulent big banks, handing over $400 billion to big drug companies for Medicare Part D and sending our children overseas to fight two wars at the same time - without paying a penny for any of it. Outrageous.

Kagen vote in favor of the $700 billion TARP bailout.  THAT is what is outrageous.  Additionally, for him to bash Bush over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is just disingenuous.  First, by most independent accounts, the wars, combined cost less than $1 trillion under Bush.  Making the claim they were "unpaid for" is like saying the United States has spent  trillions of dollars on welfare and social programs ALL UNPAID FOR.  And since he and his friends in the Democrat party have failed to come up with a budget for over 900 days and block anything the Republicans submit, I can make the argument that NOTHING has been paid for in nearly 3 years.

Kagen comes off like an angry loser, full of sour grapes.  But then,so does the rest of the Democrat Party.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Lying is how the libs hope to get reelected. The scary thing is so many blindly believe these lies.