Monday, March 31, 2014

America The Bad

The Beer: The Red Wheat IPA is pretty good. I expect to check the wine in the next few days and bottle in the next week or two.

The Bicycle: I am up and on. Three times last week. Trying to get my legs back under me.

The VWRC: Have you noticed how the Leftists are always focused on "fairness"? They claim to be the arbiter of "fair" and have created all kinds of monsters to force their view of "fair". Whether the EEOC, unions, minimum wage, homosexual marriage, free birth control or "bossy", the "fair" meme keeps showing up. They know that Americans are good people on the whole and want things to be "fair". The average Joe wants to be "fair" to his friends and neighbors and doesn't want to be seen as "unfair". The Leftists know this and play to that weakness.

The Leftists believe the United States is institutionally unfair, both internally and externally. But I want to focus on the "external unfairness" today.

Up until recently, the United States was the richest and most powerful country to ever grace the Earth. Because its people have the Liberty to be successful, they have a willingness to sacrifice to keep that ability to succeed. Whether fighting for a wage or fighting a war, you will find no smarter or fiercer people. A free people are always stronger than slaves. But the Leftists believe that freedom has exploited the rest of the world. That the US has more than a "fair share". The US must be brought down to the level of everyone else. Over the last 60 years, they have systematically dismantled everything that made the US great. Industry, energy, food supply, morals, traditions and institutions are all under attack to undermine that greatness and wealth. We no longer educate our children so that they can become part of the workforce, we give them Obamacare and Obamaphones and let them lie around and collect years of unemployment. The elites enrich themselves at the same time and demand your obedience.

What the elites and leftists do not understand is that they are making Americans cold and hungry with their policies. Nothing brings about revolution like "cold and hungry".

Monday, March 17, 2014

More Non-Political Writing

The beginning of a love story...


I drive up and park my car as a wave of unparalleled nervousness and nausea wave over my senses. At the same time, I am excited. It is raining. A warm summer rain. Deep breaths to calm my nerves and gather my composure. Another vain look in the rearview mirror to ensure that my hair and makeup at least start the evening perfect. Keys in purse and I open the door to run into the building. The cold air hits my wet skin as I walk in causing me to shiver. I wipe the raindrops from my face and look up to find he is there. He had seen me enter the restaurant. He is taller than I anticipated with a warmer smile than I could have imagined. His face radiates with an accepting smile. I lean in to say hello, hug him and kiss his cheek. He smells amazing. His hand reaches for my back and guides me to where he was sitting. I feel the span of his hand cover my back. A slight shiver runs up my spine at his touch.

We sit on the barstools facing each other. As I cross my legs, my calf rests against his knee. He asks me about my drive in the rain. I am so distracted by the desire to kiss him, I barely comprehend he is speaking in my native tongue. He asks me what I want to drink and orders it for me. As the drink come, he hands it to me and I put the glass to my lips. He is watching my mouth and casually runs his hand down my leg where it joins his. I make eye contact letting him know that his hands on my body are more than a welcomed gesture. He reaches forward to remove the last of the rain off of my face gently with the back of his hand. He seizes the opportunity to touch more of my face than is necessary to remove the rain. He is attractive and manly, but his touch is gentle to my face.

We talk about jobs, the rain, and the desire for another drink. He asks me if I am hungry. How do I answer that? Food is the last thing on my mind. Ordering will just prolong this anxiousness I have to feel his hands on more of my skin. “Only if you are hungry,” I reply, trying to hold back my urge to just ask him if we can leave. “Not really,” he responds shaking his head and smiling at me. He leans forward as if to tell me something in confidence. I lean towards him. Is he going to kiss me? He whispers in my ear, “I think you are beautiful.” As he starts to retreat, I put my hand on the back of his neck, pulling him back to me. “I want you. When can we leave?” He leans back in his chair with a confident smile but says nothing. I excuse myself to the restroom. I just need to get out of his presence and take a moment to catch my breath, check my makeup, and gather my thoughts. Ok. Let's do this. I open the door and as I step out, he is there. He pushes me against the wall. His kiss is so deep and powerful that I feel my face start to flush. He takes my hand and leads me out of the restaurant to his car. He says nothing. He opens my door, I get in and he shuts the door behind me. As he walks around the car to get in, I feel my stomach fill with butterflies and my body starts to radiate heat. Is it still raining outside? I didn’t even notice.


I saw her get out of her car in the rain and sensed that I should get up to meet her. She hurried into the restaurant a little wet and shivering almost imperceptibly. She has clearly underestimated her attractiveness. She kissed me on the cheek, leaving me immediately wanting more. As I touch her back to guide her over to the bar, I think, was it too soon? Too familiar to be touching her like that?

The conversation starts with the usual. The weather, but I notice her leg against mine, the touch making it hard for me to concentrate on forming the words. We order drinks and when they come, I can't help but watch as she takes her first sip through exquisite lips. Absently...or maybe not, my hand runs down her leg. Is that a "yes, yes" in her eyes? I reach up to take a touch of rain from her cheek and caress a little more than necessary.

We've been talking too she hungry? No, I'm not. At least not for food. This is killing me. I have to tell her. "I think you are beautiful". I want to say more, like how much I want her, but it could ruin everything. She beats me to it. I am startled as she grabs the back of my neck, says she wants me. She wants to leave NOW! Do I hear that right? Or is it just what I want to hear? As I lean back in my chair, wondering what the look on my face must be, she excuses herself and heads to the ladies room. I throw more than enough on the bar and the bartender thanks me profusely. I can't blow this chance. She steps out of the door seconds after I arrive. It is now or never. I press her against the wall and kiss her the only way I know. I take her hand and we head to my car with no words between us. I open the door and she gets in. My knees are weak as I get in and start the engine, my heart pounding like a jackhammer.