Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Intellectual Elite Read NYT


The way I read this, TCO is so smart, many of us are just not smart enough to "get" his message? It can't possibly be the message, right? And the comments are almost exclusively, "Why of course, he's too smart. People are stupid and just don't understand that he wants to 'lift a burden from their shoulders'. If they were only as smart as we Smart People are, why everything would be Right as Rain."

I suspect I'm as smart as any of the commenters, probably as smart as the author and maybe even as smart as TCO himself. And I'm hardly smarter than most people I know.

No, the problem isn't that we are too stupid to understand TCO's message of Hope and Change. We just don't like what he's selling.

I was going to stop there, but one of the comments struck me:

If Obama truly cared about being a straight-shooting reformer, he would have supported single-payer health care coverage, which is structurally very simple, and he could have explained it clearly and effectively, though Republicans would have opposed whatever he proposed. Still, Obama might have won over many independents to a single payer position if he had made a real effort at showing how simple single payer is and how it works in countries all over the world.

No, he does want single-payer. But he knows it's a non-starter in this country. His plan is a stealth approach. By requiring insurance companies to insure everyone and take pre-existing conditions, and who-knows-what-else, he knows he will put them out of business. That will then require a government takeover. BTW, single-payer does not work. Ask those in Canada and the UK. I understand (anecdotally from a friend with family there) that Germany is moving away from single-payer.

Finally many in the liberal Dem base in MA went so far as to vote for the Republican Brown in order to give Obama some shock treatment and send him a wakeup call.

Really? They voted against the candidate who said all the right stuff to vote for someone who is anathema to them? I seriously doubt it. And explain why independents broke for Brown? Same reason? Or were they just too stupid to understand the message?

I am so tired of being labeled as "too stupid to understand the message" by the "Smart People".

Torches and pitchforks, my friends, torches and pitchforks.

Friday, January 29, 2010

All Good Things......

Must come to an end.

Kurt Warner is not only one of the great stories in the NFL, he's one of the great stories in all of sports. Led "The Greatest Show On Turf" with the Rams in St. Louis. He won a Super Bowl there. Ironically, he went to Phoenix, home of the Cardinals who moved from St. Louis and took them to a Super Bowl when everyone thought he was washed up. And nearly won.

Kurt Warner spent his football life leading by example and overcoming adversity. His personal life is just as interesting. He will be missed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just To Recap Here

From the guy who dissed the SCOTUS during Scolding of the Union speech Wednesday, a "can't we all just get along" moment.

Let's see if I get this right:

  • Evil insurance companies
  • Evil oil companies
  • Evil energy companies (the ones that use evil coal)
  • Evil profiteers on Wall Street
  • Evil profiteering banks
  • Evil George Bush (it's all his fault)
  • TEAbaggers (we just didn't fully understand the message)
  • Evil FOX News
  • Evil talk radio
  • Evil GITMO
Did I miss anything?

Dude...look in the mirror.

Obama takes responsibility, but not blame.

He still casts Republicans as a party of "no" and calls that their political strategy.

"I want the Republicans off the sidelines. I want them to work with us to solve problems," Obama said. And then he added: "I don't want an attitude `If Obama loses, then we win.' I mean, that can't be a platform. ... All of us should be rooting for each other."

Anybody recall, "I won"?

And Republicans have offered many ideas in the Healthcare reform debate....all of which (tort reform, allowing across-state-line purchase of health insurance, to name a couple) have been rejected out of hand by the administration.

Most of America says "No" to Obamacare, yet he pushes the agenda. Apparently we are too stupid to "get it". Most of America opposes Cap and Trade. He continues to push that agenda. Most Americans reject the idea of giving terrorists captured on the battlefield the same Constitutional rights guaranteed accused citizens. He doesn't care.

I'm thinking civility starts in the White House.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union.....Live

Allegedly, TCO will be talking to us (at us?) in about 5 minutes. I predict he will be at least 10 minutes late.

Looks like Biden and Pelosi are talking right now. I'll throw in some commentary as we go.

It is 1958 and the President has just arrived. 1800....5 minutes late. We considered a shot of tequila for every standing ovation, but we figured we didn't have enough tequila.

There are excerpts run across the screen. Everyone is B.S. "We share stubborn resilience facing adversity". WTF does THAT mean?

It is 2005. 10 minutes late. Here he comes. To thundering (Leftist) applause.'s tax-cheat Geithner.

2010. It's showtime.

For the last time Nancy Pelosi is introducing the President of the United States.

"So we we acted....the worst of the storm has passed".....are you kidding me?

Biden looks like a bobblehead. Waiting for him to "Amen, Brother!"

"Wondering why Wall Street is rewarded?" You freaking bailed them out!!!!!!!!!

Grassley is falling asleep.

Pelosi is thinking, "Wow, would I like to DO him."

Optimistic about the future? I don't know too many who are. "Government that matches their decency?" He and his cabinet and most of Congress should resign.

Smilin' Joe.

"I hated" the bank bailout. No you didn't.

Blame Bush. Good. Took 9 minutes.

More smilin' Joe.

Tax the evil banks to pay back the taxpayers. Who pays that tax in the end?

"We cut taxes?" WTF? Democrats are standing, Republicans are not. He did no such thing.

More to spend? LIAR.

2 million Americans working who would not be? I'm raising the Bullshit Flag. Harry Reid Yawns.

Stimulus bill had saved jobs?

Jobs must be our focus? Blinding flash of the obvious. Brilliant in its' simplicity.

Smilin' Joe nodding again.

High speed we go. We need it ...why?

Clean energy. I've stated time and again how it doesn't work.

Jobs bill...without delay.

Laying a new foundation. I see Socialism. Housing bubble? Ummmthanks to the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

Yes...we should wait...until you are out of office.

China IS revamping their economy...they are moving toward Capitalism.

Time to get serious about the problems impeding growth. More reference to blaming Bush.

God Pelosi is SUCH a sycophant.

Encourage clean energy.

Put 1000 people to work building solar panels. That people can't afford and have a payback longer than their lifetime.

Clean nuclear? Put your money where your mouth is. Reopen Yucca Mountain.

Energy and climate bill. Overwhelming scientific evidence? Bullshit flag again. The country that leads in clean energy is the country that leads economically? Are you effing kidding me?

Claims to double exports in the next five years? How? Export controls. That can't be good. I see jobs being exported.

OK. I'm done and gonna puke.

Maybe not. Here we go....government needs to take care of the people. Claims doctors and nurses prefer his plan...NO THEY DON'T!!!!!

We heard you....we didn't like what you said.

Government spending.....more Bush-blaming.

Expensive government-run prescription drug program....and they want to take over health care?

Spending freeze? For three years. Medicare, defense and Social Security will not be affected. That is a huge portion of the budget. $20 billion in savings? That's nothing.

Executive order to circumvent the Senate. Didn't Democrats defeat pay-as-you-go?

We face a deficit of shit? Do our work openly? You must be joking.

Continue down the road of earmark reform? The President signed the biggest porkulus bills EVER!

Bipartisanism....that means that the Right must move to the Left. you haven't had any interest to this point.

Obstruct every bill "because they can". What have Democrats done for the last 30 years?

You can help us best by staying out of our way.

Trying to change the tone? Then quit blaming Bush.

National security....committed to defense? do what it takes to defend our country? Like lawyering-up terrorists? can pull troops out of Iraq because Bush won it.

Troops "have our respect". You are so full of it. You don'trespect our troops. Remember "War is not the answer"? I recall the administration wanted to tax veterans healthcare.

Unilateral disarmament. this is b...a...d. Iran? NoKo? He said nothing about the Human Rights violations in either of those countries. EVER. People dying in the streets at the hand of their own government. And nothing.

Like YOU believe in the Constitution.


"In the end"...thank God.

Government is NOT full of "honorable men".

Shot at Fox News.

Lower lip bite.

I HOPE he can't deliver.

It's NOT a democracy. It's representative republic.

Smilin' Joe looks like a bobblehead again.


Grassley is comatose. Pelosi is SO into TCO.

I just want to barf.

More Leftist Denial


The state of Massachusetts elected a Republican who said he was against Obama's policies and specifically against Obamacare. How does that possibly translate into not against the Democrats, Obama and Obamacare?

We are talking the bluest of blue states here. I don't really care what the polls said. They can't be right. Brown ran as the 41st vote against Obamacare. Coakley ran as the quintessential Leftist/Statist.


You get deeper into the survey and here is what you find (starting at page 7):

70% of those who voted for Brown voted for Brown. 30% were voting against Coakley. Only 4% of Brown voters said they cast their vote to support Obama. 48% said against. (Q9) 65% of Brown voters voted against the Democrat agenda. (Q9a) 75% of Brown voters were dissatisfied/angry with Obama Administration policies (Q10). 60% of Brown voters were enthusiastic about Republican policies.

There is much more. The Democrat talking heads are misrepresenting this poll. Feel free to look at it yourself.

Oregon Loves Taxes

Maybe even more than Wisconsin. Class warfare seems to have won out here.

This will do nothing for revenue. It increases taxes on the top 3%, many of whom will find other places to shelter their money. Many are small businesses who will just close up shop or relocate.

I predict a higher budget deficit and more unemployment for Oregon shortly after this takes effect.

We are way too cavalier with OPM.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Doesn't Trust Me

Apparently, thinks I'm a plagarist. It doesn't appear that one can copy and paste something out of Salon without their link.

I always link back to the original article. I never cut and paste the article in full. I always credit the author and the publication and never pass the work off as my own. I probably shouldn't care, but I feel as if my honesty is being attacked. I could take the dead tree version and Xerox it. No problem.

Of course, I rarely use Salon as a reference.

Maybe it's the Lefties who are plagarizing.

U.S. Economy -

For a "Smart Person" (that is, a member of the Smart Person Party), Robert Reich doesn't exhibit much common sense.

U.S. Economy - "The bigger news is Obama is planning a three-year budget freeze on a big chunk of discretionary spending. Wall Street is delighted. But it means Main Street is in worse trouble than ever.
A spending freeze will make it even harder to get jobs back because government is the last spender around. Consumers have pulled back, investors won’t do much until they know consumers are out there, and exports are minuscule."

I'm not sure how this is a problem for Main Street. There is no government spending that helps Main Street and I defy anyone to come up with logic that shows how it can create long-term, private-sector employment. If we assume a consumer-driven economy, it makes no sense to build bridges and give money to day care providers. The only way to create jobs is to put more money back in the hands of the consumer.

If you can show me how it works with government spending, I'm all ears. It has not worked in the past, it won't work now. Plan on a long, hard 2010. And not in a good way.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turn of the Phrase

It's all in how you word it. Valerie Jarrett speaks on Meet the Press:

"I think what we've seen is a dramatic difference in terms of how the United States is perceived around the world,"

This is true. But not in the way she proclaims:

She claims Obama's travels have built relationships that "lay a foundation for keeping America safe and making us a partner around the world."

Really? That's why under his watch both the Iranians and NorKos have brought their nuclear programs into the open and escalated them. That's why under his watch, the Russians have started to rebuild their weapons programs. That's why more troops are getting killed in Afghanistan while he "dithers" over troop augmentation. That's why an an American, who is Islamic and had contact with AQ shot up the Army base at Fort Hood. That's why the underwear bomber nearly got away with it. In truth, we are less safe than any time since 9/11. The bad guys are laughing.

Jarrett also credited the president with having "pulled back the economy from the brink of disaster." That's why unemployment sits at 10%, and real un- and under-employment sits closer to 20%. The (alleged) Stimulus Program has done N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Green jobs? Big Steamin' Pile. Everything he has done on the economy has been wrong.

Jarrett insisted the president never wavered from his promised bipartisan approach.

Discussing his health care initiative, Jarrett said Obama "has sat down with the leadership and members of the Republican Party, both the House and the Senate. In fact, bills in both the House and the Senate contain provisions that were suggested by the Republican Party -- so nothing's changed about the president's approach."

This is the biggest load of crap of them all. If he sat down with Republicans at all, he has shown no inclination to compromise. The Leftists idea of "bipartisanship" is for Republicans to move to their side. There is nothing in the healthcare bills that give any indication that what she says is true. But, of course, CNN reports it without question.


Scott Brown Wins.....It Doesn't Go Well In The Bunker

McIlheren Writes

Since I avoid reading anything other than sports and comics in the Milwaukee Urinal, I don't catch Patrick McIlheren as often as I might. This is good stuff.

I was at the Franksville bonfire. It was an awesome sight. That many people standing in the generally can only get that at a Packer game.

We are motivated.

I hear these comments every day:

"I fear for my country," said Elvira Orth, when asked what brought her out - "the loss of our freedoms."

"I've never seen my country changing like it is," said Karen Lohr of Waterford. "It's going in the wrong direction," said her husband, Jon.


"I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican," Kieckhefer later told the crowd. "I'm a conservative, a fiscal conservative," and he, like a lot of others in the room, is spooked by the fact the federal government's skim off the economy grew by a fifth in one year, even before it takes over the half of health care it doesn't yet control.


"We have a fiduciary responsibility to our kids and grandkids," he said, to stop such unsustainable bloat.

The other thing I hear...and this is most important: "I've never paid attention to politics or gotten involved before. But now I'm in and I'm not going back."

These are people who are ready to go to metaphorical war. Push has finally come to shove. That leviathan of the average American has been awakened. Throughout the last 234 years, no one has found a way to overcome it. Enemies both foreign and domestic have found their end at the hands of the average guy (or gal). We have been bullied and lied to by the Leftists for 50-or-so years. We were slow to anger, but the time has come.

Democrat or Republican, don't think for a minute that we are going away. We aren't.

There are some Right Wing bloggers out there who seem to think they are above this fray. I say to them: "You can sit at your computer and feel all self-righteous about you blogging or you can make a real difference. Join in."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sensenbrenner's Town Hall - West Allis

The Beer: Liberty Ale. Nearly ready to bottle.

The Bicycle: Making plans for the ride at Tyranena later this year.

The VRWC: A good crowd met Congressman Sensenbrenner at the West Allis Library for a Town Hall. There had been indications that (can't) was sending people, but if they did, they were no where to be seen.

The Congressman falls along the same political line as I do. The audience felt the same. There was one individual who rambled a bit in his question and I was accosted by a conspiracy theorist on the way out. Channel 12 had a camera person there for all of 12 minutes (we timed it).

Major points:

  • People are concerned about the direction of the country. They believe the country is desending into socialism. They don't like big government and definitely don't want the healthcare reform that is being proposed in Washington.
  • The Congressman believes the administration and Democrats in Congress will attempt a middle-of-the-night vote on Obamacare. It is not as dead as you might think.
  • Cap and Trade is also not dead. The Wisconsin (alleged) Global Warming bill is the bigger danger in the near term.
  • Stay vigilant and keep up the pressure.

America Rising

We can do this nice and easy, or we can do this the hard way. We can no longer allow the destruction of "The Great Experiment", "The Last, Best Hope". Show them the door.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


On to November!

What is the TEA Party Movement?

I don't think anyone other than those directly involved (and even then) truly understand the magnitude of the TEA Party movement. I think we all understand that the REAL TEA Party movement, as opposed to teapartyexpress, is a real grassroots movement that has huge momentum and has brought people together in a way not seen in my lifetime.

The Leftist protests of the past - anti-war, environmental,anti-this-and-that - are all protest-for-hire. Look at any college newspaper and see the ads for "activists wanted". This is the real deal. Look at the people who surround you. Talk to them. Most will say, "I've never been politically active before. But I'm afraid of the direction our country is headed." All love their country and their freedom, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. One can see that at the TEA Parties when the people say The Pledge of Allegiance, or sing the National Anthem without hesitation. The singing of the National Anthem by a few thousand patriots is the most beautiful music. They all believe in a higher power. They may not be Christian, but they do believe. And that is a fundamental part of this movement. We all believe that Rights come from God, not from government. If Rights come from government, they can be taken away. Those Rights given by God cannot.

We are the regular folks of this country. We will prevail in spite of the hateful actions of the Leftists against us. Their words and actions will not discourage or deter us. We will return this country to it's rightful greatness.


What will Obama do?

Will The Chosen One see the handwriting and make a break to the Center? Or is he so arrogant and partisan he will "stay the curse" if Scott Brown wins? The conventional wisdom is that TCO will move to the center a la President Clinton. To do so will help ensure future empowerment for the far Left of the Democrat Party. If Coakley wins or TCO continues to push his agenda hard, he will assure a political bloodbath for the Democrats in November.

I have my doubts. Clinton was in it for the chicks. TCO is a committed idealogue. I do not believe he moves to the center. He will push his agenda all the harder. The result might be more Socialization of America, but Democrats may be destroyed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UN Global Taxation?

The Beer: A hoppy amber from Northern Brewer called Celebrationizator and my own recipe; a corn-based ale called Liberty

The Bicycle: How do people ride in this part of the world in January?

The VRWC: This is one that has to be stopped right now.

The UN has no constitutional authority to levy a tax on Americans. It's well past time to either disband the UN or leave the UN.

There are many proposals; all are aimed at wealth transfer from the developed world to the developing. Two proposals:

—a "digital tax or 'hit' tax." The report says the levy "could yield tens of billions of U.S. dollars from a broad base of users";

—a financial transaction tax. The report approvingly cites a levy in Brazil that charged 0.38 percent on bills paid online and on unspecified "major withdrawals." The report says the Brazilian tax was raising an estimated $20 billion per year until it was cancelled for unspecified reasons.

I can tell you why it was cancelled: the taxpayers didn't like it. That's the only way this stuff ever gets changed.

There are reasons the developing world is in the condition it is, much of the it being corrupt, tyrannical government. This money will never see the light of day for it's intended use. It will wind up in the pockets of corruptocrats in both the UN and third-world dictatorships. As evidence? Oil for Food.

Read the full article and the Executive Summary. I am certain the current party in power is fully in favor of this. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you need to be on top of this one.

Let the campaign begin.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Faint Praise

I'm surprised they sent anyone.

Tea Party members organized a "Bonfire Tea Party." Party members said thousands of people attended the event.

I suppose there were 2000-3000, but it was difficult to tell. I can tell you for certain there were hundreds of vehicles carrying people to the rally.

Here is the faint praise part:

Rallies like this have been held across the country in the past year or so.

I think it is safe to argue that these rallies are the most important grassroots movement of my lifetime. They are about to radically alter the political landscape - possibly for a very long time. Largely because of this movement, the Bluest of Blue States may very well elect a Republican to a seat held by one Democrat since 1962.

The Obamastream media thinks if they ignore us, we will go away. I got a few thousand really cold folks in Racine who would differ.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

(Alleged) AGW, No Doubt

H/T Gateway Pundit

I'm sure the Believers will spin this one. "Yes, it will be colder over the next 20-30 years, but after that....."

This challenge to the widespread view that the planet is on the brink of an irreversible catastrophe is all the greater because the scientists could never be described as global warming ‘deniers’ or sceptics.

Really? It should take no time at all for the Inquisition to attempt to discredit these guys. Any challenge to the orthodoxy must be destroyed.

It's all about the solar cycles and ocean cycles. We may not be so powerful after all.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Charles Woodson

I don't usually cover the sports beat (I leave that to the other SO up in Sheboygan), but this is a great column that speaks volumes about not only where Charles Woodson has travelled, but also about the Green Bay Packers organization and their fans.

BTW, I'm not hearing the calls to fire McCarthy and Thompson any more (and I was on of them).

Oh...and I don't miss that Brent Favor guy either.

Friday, January 8, 2010

(Alleged) Global Warming Suicide

This is economic suicide. The economy of Wisconsin cannot withstand this legislation. It's wrong-headed and won't work.

The bill would dramatically change the state's sources of energy, mandating that 25% of electricity come from wind, solar, biomass and other renewable sources by 2025.

Here are the results of a 2000 study of wind farms in Wisconsin.

"That's because, not only is it tackling our greatest environmental threat, but it's also going to create thousands of clean energy jobs in Wisconsin."

This is a complete fabrication. There is no evidence provided anywhere that many jobs will be created, if any at all. The equipment will be fabricated in other states or countries. Maintenance will be performed mostly by existing workforces.

This is crazy. I bet Governor Doyle retires out-of-state.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Felons to Vote in Washington State

What twisted logic brought about this?

42 U.S.C. § 1973(a) (emphasis added). Section 2(b) further
explains that
A violation of subsection (a) . . . is established if,
based on the totality of the circumstances, it is
shown that the political processes leading to nomination
or election in the State or political subdivision
are not equally open to participation by members of
a class or citizens protected by subsection (a) . . . in
that its members have less opportunity than other
members of the electorate to participate in the political
process and to elect representatives of their

This is the broadest interpretation possible of this (and other) statutes related to the Voting Rights Act. I doubt this interpretation was EVER intended. The right to vote is not denied based upon race; it is denied based upon a felony conviction. And white felons are also denied the right.

[5] Defendants appear to invoke the first and second exceptions,
arguing that “[t]he subsequent intervening authority of
sister circuits reveals that this Court’s conclusion was clearly
erroneous and works a manifest injustice.” They rely on post-
Farrakhan I cases from the Second and Eleventh Circuits,which held that the VRA does not apply to felon disenfranchisement
laws. See Hayden v. Pataki, 449 F.3d 305 (2d Cir.
2006) (en banc); Johnson v. Governor of the State of Fla., 405
F.3d 1214 (11th Cir.) (en banc), cert. denied, 546 U.S. 1015
(2005)).15 To the extent Defendants suggest that these cases
constitute “intervening controlling authority” that would make
reconsideration appropriate, such argument is clearly incorrect.
Out-of-circuit cases are not binding on this Court and
therefore do not constitute “controlling authority.” Defendants
have cited no case to the contrary.

But apparently, the 9th Circuit is unwilling to overturn bad decisions even though "out-of-circuit"? Or did I read this wrong?

In another section, they appear to throw out any arrest of minorities of minorities for drug offenses because minorities are "adversely affected"?

Anyway, it is a usurpation of states' rights, IMHO and in other way, just a bad decision. But read it for yourself. With an interpreter.

(Alleged) AGW - Cold? Nah.

It's not that it isn't happening, it's that we just don't understand the data.

No reason to provide an opposing view anywhere in the article, either. And there are many.

I wonder how many years of freezing our collective asses off will constitute a "trend".

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Semper Fi

Who is more respected and loved?

President Bush's respect for the military and their sacrifice is evident in the reception he gets. President Obama's disdain is equally evident.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deekawife 3.0 On Feingold's "Listening Session"

Russ Feingold patted himself on the back for hosting a "listening session" to the concerns of the "everyday person" regarding Obamacare, Cap & Trade, the lack of the Constitution being important to this administration and many other topics of importance. Isn't that part of his job? There was a woman doctor, who's husband is also a doctor, told the Senator that they do not know any doctors who are in favor of Obamacare. The senator could not care less. I think we should find his replacement so he can attempt to find a job at which he "might" be competent. I can assure you the majority of the crowd would wholeheartedly agree with me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dems intend to bypass GOP on health compromise

What a surprise!

The spin will be how the GOP doesn't want to play.

In other news, Deekawife 3.0 went to Senator Feingold's (I'm not) Listening Session at MATC today. The crowd was overwhelmingly against his stands on Obamacare and Cap & Tax.

He didn't care.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Solar vs. Turtles

Saw this coming.

Edit: 2314- And in similar news....

If it were so great, it wouldn't need a $1 per gallon subsidy. Biofuel seems to me similar to organic food. Make a better product at a competitive price and I'm all-in. Make a satisfactory product and charge me twice as much and,

Recipe for Failure?

The Beer: The Irish Red is bottled and I brew an amber lager tomorrow

The Bicycle: Working on strength and flexibility through yoga and strength programs. Where, you ask? Wii Fit Plus. Seriously.

The VRWC: I work in the Environmental, Health and Safety business. I have a degree in Engineering and professional certification. I think OSHA is making a huge error.

The standard leftist viewpoint is that business is bad and labor is good. This is what Secretary Solis seems to bring to the table.

Soon after she became the nation's labor secretary, Hilda Solis warned corporate America there was "a new sheriff in town."

Less than a year into her tenure, that figurative badge of authority is unmistakable. Her aggressive moves to boost enforcement and crack down on businesses that violate workplace safety rules have sent employers scrambling to make sure they are following the rules.

Are there bad actors out there? You bet...I have worked for them. But I have found most employers follow the rules..or at least want to. I've also found that the road to success is in building trust relationships. I hate the term, but it fits. Having the trust of your partners and treating them as partners in whatever the endeavour might be is much more likely to result in success. OTOH, being "The New Sheriff", or as I like to refer to it, "Safety Cop" or as some of my partners affectionatlely refer to it, "Safety Bitch", ulitmately leads to failure.

Solis slapped BP with the largest fine in OSHA history. Good...they deserved it for willfully failing to protect their workers. How hard will she slap the mom-and-pop shop that can't afford a full-time Safety guy to handle recordkeeping and screw up? More small businesses go down? OSHA outreach programs have been incredibly successful. Why eliminate them? Why not "walk softly and carry a big stick"?

Heard On Talk Radio

Heard yesterday on talk radio (paraphrasing):

"If Democrats would fight the terrorists with the same fervor they fight Republicans, there would be no terrorists. If Republicans would fight Democrats with the same fervor they fight terrorists, there would be no Democrats".