Friday, January 1, 2010

Solar vs. Turtles

Saw this coming.

Edit: 2314- And in similar news....

If it were so great, it wouldn't need a $1 per gallon subsidy. Biofuel seems to me similar to organic food. Make a better product at a competitive price and I'm all-in. Make a satisfactory product and charge me twice as much and,


Dad29 said...


There WAS a guy around here who owned a Culver's franchise and was using his used cooking-oil as a bio blend for his VW Diesel car.

One can obtain a biodiesel conversion kit for VWs.

But it's not a shade-tree job to mix lots of that stuff. OTOH, there's no Doylet tax if you make it at home.

Deekaman said...

Yeah...easy to do small batches. Big batches are something else. But I understand it's not a big deal if you have the right equipment.