Friday, January 8, 2010

(Alleged) Global Warming Suicide

This is economic suicide. The economy of Wisconsin cannot withstand this legislation. It's wrong-headed and won't work.

The bill would dramatically change the state's sources of energy, mandating that 25% of electricity come from wind, solar, biomass and other renewable sources by 2025.

Here are the results of a 2000 study of wind farms in Wisconsin.

"That's because, not only is it tackling our greatest environmental threat, but it's also going to create thousands of clean energy jobs in Wisconsin."

This is a complete fabrication. There is no evidence provided anywhere that many jobs will be created, if any at all. The equipment will be fabricated in other states or countries. Maintenance will be performed mostly by existing workforces.

This is crazy. I bet Governor Doyle retires out-of-state.


Dad29 said...

A pal of mine works at a Wisconsin company which makes wind-mill components.

They DO have orders--but their customers keep putting off delivery dates b/c their customers have no money to pay for the goods--b/c the banks won't finance "green" projects unless the buyer is a Really Well-Established Utility (such as WE Energies.)

And Real Utilities are typically not the purchasers of these systems.

Deekaman said...

There WILL be jobs, but they are grossly overstated in number.