Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey, Kathy...Bite Me

Kathy Ireland is upset that women on the Left are ugly and women on the right are not.

Well, Kiss My Big Fat Ass. For 50 years, the Left has been demonizing the Right. We've been called every name, been subject to every caricature and told we are not "real ____" whether Women, Black, Hispanic or even "American". We are racist or sexist or homophobic. "Warmongers". We're stupid. We're Neanderthals because we don't want the Leftist version of "progress". Frankly, Kathy we are tired of listening to it. The Left is going to have to accept a little of its own medicine. And once defeated in November, they must be sent into the wilderness for 40 years...the whole lot of them. If it were up to me, I would jail anyone who made any law that did not fit within the exact reading of the Constitution.

The Left declared war and we will fight to the death if that's what it takes. So....


Not Really

The Chosen One calls the Katrina mess "a shameful breakdown in government".

If he is talking about Ray Nagin and Mary Landrieu, he is correct. He proclaims the "resilience of city residents". Really? The people who sat around and waited for government to save them? The people who didn't bother to evacuate when told to? I, for one, am as tired as I can be hearing about how horrible Katrina was and how wonderful are the citizens of Ray Nagin's "Chocolate City". The response of local authorities during Katrina was criminal and the stupidity of the citizens before, during and immediately following was beyond the pale.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally

Full disclosure: I did not watch the whole thing. I had to run errands this morning and otherwise listened. The usual "hit piece" stuff.

Coincidently, the event has faced criticism for being held on the 47th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech made by civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rally critics say the ideology expressed by Beck and other speakers stand in conflict with the spirit of Dr. King’s remarks.

Really? In what way does "Faith, Hope and Charity" (which, from what I heard seemed to be the central point of the rally) stand in conflict with King's remarks?

Race-baiter Al Sharpton: He poked fun at the Beck-organized rally, saying some participants were the same ones who used to call civil rights leaders troublemakers. "The folks who used to criticize us for marching are trying to have a march themselves," he said. He urged his group to be peaceful and not confrontational. "If people start heckling, smile at them," Sharpton said.

Most of the people at this rally would be many years too young to have done what Sharpton claims.

It was not clear how many tea party activists were in the crowd, but the sheer size of the turnout helped demonstrate the size and potential national influence of the movement.

The attempt to make this a TEA Party rally is opinion masquerading as journalism. Clearly there is man agenda in the writing. JounoList is alive and well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Right. First, this guy was apparently stabbed by a drunk a college student and former volunteer in Afghanistan. There are reports the kid is a Lefty as well. It is unlikely this has any relationship at all to the GZ Mosque or any kind of rhetoric.

But while we are on the subject, where is the outrage over the anti-US rhetoric by this guy? I'm not hearing those calls from Muslim cab drivers in NYC or anywhere else.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Looters and Moochers

If you ask for my help, I will give it to you without strings to the best of my resources. If you demand my help, claiming you are entitled to it, you are a common thief. If you demand I help someone of your choice, your are a looter.

Which brings me to Obamacare. With private insurance, yes, I am paying for other people. But it is what I choose. I can go with or without insurance and/or healthcare. The demand that I purchase healthcare insurance of someone else's choosing and forcing me to pony-up for people who are unable or unwilling to do so is nothing short of looting. My earnings are my property. No one has more of a right to it than me. I will add that this goes for much of what the government is currently doing. Taking my property and giving it to someone of their choosing.

Some will argue this: "I don't want this war and they are taking my money for it". I answer that defense is specifically called out as a Federal responsibility in the Constitution. We can argue if the war is "common defense", but that's not the point here.

Make your other arguments. I will call out the flaw in them as well.

Thanks for listening.

So THAT's What's In The Bill

H/T Kimber Chitwood. (You will have to scroll to the posting)

Here's the deal. Continue to hammer them to death with this. They claimed it would be a panacea, we claimed it was a disaster. We were right, they were wrong. Don't let them lie their way out of another mess.

And remember...without RINOs Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, none of this happens. The Bill never sees the light of day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Says it All

Funny How That Works

Jill ignores the threat of radical Islam while bashing Christians. Nicely done. The "moral superiority" of the Left is no different from the pacifism of the 1930's Europeans.

I'll take my chances with the Christians, thanks. I'm not seeing any routine murder of non-Christian missionaries, they don't cut the nose and ears off young women who choose to marry someone other than their "intended" and they don't strap bombs to women and children. Christians don't go out in large numbers and hack to death those of another religion.

Now, Jill will come back I'm sure with examples of Christians committing heinous crimes. That may be fact, but it is not part and parcel of any sect of Christian religion.

But Jill won't let fact that get in her way.

Benevolent Government?

I continue to be amazed by the people on the Left who think the government is the answer and the protector of all things. It reminds me of this:

Yes, the government is something that would never hurt us until it becomes big and powerful and beyond our control.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bradley Manning

No, Bradley Manning should be tried for treason and if found guilty, suffer the consequences. The Code Pink gals should be sentenced to live among the Taliban. What are there...10 of these @$$holes? And CNN covers it? But a million on the Capitol Mall....not so much.

Journo-List is still apparently alive and well.

Yup...We're Just Stupid, Backward, Scardy-Cat, Racist Haters

I don't know why I bother with Matthew Iglesias other than to point out what disdain the elistists have for us common folk.

In this editorial, he is in fine form. I mean, we can't possibly have any legitimate concerns, right?

But instead of the familiar silly-season stuff of years past -- made-up scandals and who-cares gossip -- the past two summers have been filled with vitriol. Last year we had town halls gone wild,fueled by the threat of death panels pulling the plug on Grandma. This year, us-vs.-them controversies are proliferating, linked by a surge in xenophobia. This is our summer of fear.

First of all, Matt, the death panels are real. Or maybe you haven't heard.

Xenophobia? No. We love people who come here legally and add to our distinctive culture. And that is the point. There are people who come here illegally, choose not to integrate into our culture and believe, since we are a people who are charitable to a fault, that they can take advantage of our kindness by having "anchor babies". Here's the deal. Have an "anchor baby"? Ok. Kid stays here, you go back. How's that work for ya. Do that a few times and there won't be any more people coming to have "anchor babies". That's not Xenophobia, it's the rule of law.

So far, the summer of fear has featured a charge, led by Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and former New York congressman Rick Lazio, to block the construction of the Cordoba House Islamic cultural center (which is to include a mosque) a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center.

Sure Matt, I could go into the whole "synagogue in Mecca thing", but let's get more basic. I want to build a KKK monument in Selma, Alabama. You'd go for that, right? Because, gosh, most of the guys who joined the Klan just thought they were joining something akin to the Rotary Club. That shouldn't be offensive to anyone. There are literally thousands of places to build the Cordoba Center, this ain't one of them. Further, Matt, you need to look into the meaning of Cordoba. Cordoba refers to the consolidation of Muslim power in conquered Spain. This is about conquest, not "building bridges".

However, as unemployment and foreclosures have increased in the years since, so have trivial, race-based controversies, such as those surrounding the New Black Panther Party.....

Move along. Nothing to see here. That voter intimidation thing? Just a right wing fantasy.

At the same time, the number of Americans with doubts about the location of the president's birth appears to be on the rise. An Aug. 4 CNN poll found that only 42 percent of Americans are now sure he was born in the United States, way down from July 2009 polling that showed 77 percent of adults expressing certainty on this score. Despite clear evidence that he was born in Hawaii, Obama too is cast as an outsider.

This is the President's own fault. His failure to release any historical information; birth certificate, school records, the disappearance of his mother's passport files, all lead to suspicion. Not because we are stupid haters, but because they are legitimate sources of information we should be able to access to determine if he is qualified in all ways to be President (he's not, but only because he's incompetent). Can you say "pattern"?

In reality, though, recessions lead to illiberal populist nationalism, not progressive reform.

Or maybe it's because WE DON'T WANT PROGRESSIVE REFORM! WE WANT OUR LIBERTY BACK! Don't assume that we thought Progressive Reform was ok before. We just have had enough of it. Some of us were too busy with our lives to see the incrementalism going on around us. Now it is writ large and we are shouting, "NO!"

A betrayal, even a fleeting one, of America's commitment to religious freedom could do lasting harm to the country's relationship with a billion Muslims around the world.

No one is suggesting limiting religious freedom, but rather limiting a mosque in a location offensive to many. Further, it is the stated purpose of Islam to conquer the infidel. Iglesias is as much infidel as the rest of us and will lose his head if they succeed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do I Read This Right?

If I read this correctly and connect it with this, I am not allowed to shill for a candidate on my blog or in email within 60 days of the election?

Yeah...come and get me.

Edit: 0859 on 8/7/2010

Check out the audio from Vicki. Left and Right should be outraged.