Saturday, August 21, 2010

Looters and Moochers

If you ask for my help, I will give it to you without strings to the best of my resources. If you demand my help, claiming you are entitled to it, you are a common thief. If you demand I help someone of your choice, your are a looter.

Which brings me to Obamacare. With private insurance, yes, I am paying for other people. But it is what I choose. I can go with or without insurance and/or healthcare. The demand that I purchase healthcare insurance of someone else's choosing and forcing me to pony-up for people who are unable or unwilling to do so is nothing short of looting. My earnings are my property. No one has more of a right to it than me. I will add that this goes for much of what the government is currently doing. Taking my property and giving it to someone of their choosing.

Some will argue this: "I don't want this war and they are taking my money for it". I answer that defense is specifically called out as a Federal responsibility in the Constitution. We can argue if the war is "common defense", but that's not the point here.

Make your other arguments. I will call out the flaw in them as well.

Thanks for listening.

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