Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mob Rule

Much was made of the "angry mobs" of the TEA Parties.  They looked nothing like this:

Unfortunately for these clowns, they live in a representative democracy.  What they are looking for here is nothing less than mob rule.

"Elections have consequences".  "We won".  Go home, clowns.

States and Federal Money

The states have placed themselves in a precarious position by taking Federal money for purposes not intended by the Constitution.

The budget cuts pushed through by states have been a drag on the economy as governors make up for revenue lost during the past two years. State and local government spending dropped at an annual rate of 2.4 percent during the last three months of 2010, the Commerce Department reported yesterday, marking the sixth quarterly drop since the last three months of 2008.

By using Federal money to prop up state budgets and provide make-work jobs (that is what they are), states have also suffocated the private sector.  That is, root cause of the the drag on the economy is not that states stopped spending, but rather that they spent on the wrong things at the wrong time in the first place.

This is just a lie:

The U.S. deficit will widen this year to $1.6 trillion, Democratic President Barack Obama said in his fiscal 2012 sent to Congress on Feb. 14, partly because of the $858 billion tax cut approved in December.
There was no "tax cut" approved in December, but rather an extension of tax rates already in place.
It is unlikely states with Democrat governors will learn to live within their means.  Buying constituencies with government largess is their stock and trade (Republicans do it to, but I hope they have learned the lesson.  The Federal government must quit bailing out the states and states must stand up and live within their means

Screwed Again

WeEnergies ratepayers paid in $215 million to pitch in for the nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.  The project was cancelled, not for technical, but political reasons by the Obama Administration.  WeEnergies sued for $96 million.  Not unreasonable IMHO (though I'd like to have seen more), since much of the work was done and, well, someone has to pay for it.  After appeal and negotiated settlement, DOE is paying back all of $31 million.  That means $184 million down the Federal rathole and here we are, holding the bag....again.

Who Is At The Heart Of The Wisconsin Protests?

People like this.  Clueless wannabe hippies.  Those who hate the legacy and greatness of the United States of America.

Police Insurrection

Professor Jacobson reports police in insurrection at the Capitol.  From the media?  Crickets.  Not even Fox seems to be reporting on this.

This shows the folly of allowing those who enforce the laws to be unionized.  They have now become lawless.  If they are ignoring lawful orders, they need to be fired.  Immediately.

The Capitol is to be closed and protesters removed at 4 pm today (Sunday) for cleaning.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marc Levine Needs a Real Job

Professor Marc Levine wants us to "tax the (evil) rich" to balance the state budget.  I am assuming that is so he doesn't have to sacrifice anything in this down turn.  See, as a professor in the Wisconsin University system, Dr.. Levine would be giving up his taxpayer-funded gravy train.

But the greater issue here is the absurd idea that the rich should be taxed to fund everyone else.  First, who are "the Rich"?  What level of income constitutes "rich"?  In my mind, anyone who has more money than me would be "Rich", so Dr. Levine should pay more than I do.  And the other end of this is, who funds the party when the rich are tapped out?  There will come a time when the cost of being "rich" exceeds any value of being "rich".

We continue down an unsustainable economic course and the children are at the controls.

Addiction to Petroleum? Hardly.

Derrick Jackson doesn't know what he's talking about - again.

He starts with the usual "Big Oil" and continues into an anecdotal story.  But the fact is, while 37% of our energy use is from petroleum, 98% of that is used in transportation. For Jackson to claim the following is ridiculous:

We still have not had the seminal wake-up call. The Republican governors of Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and New Jersey made it a badge of honor to demonize high-speed rails and a commuter-rail tunnel, throwing federal funds back to Washington like dead fish.

What is the love affair with rail?  It still runs on petroleum, not magic fairy dust.  That one needs a bus, or cab or other mode of transportation at the end of the line, makes the trip more expensive and reduces any gains from "mass transit".

Last month, the new Republican House majority, which has declared war on the Environmental Protection Agency, inspired infantile behavior from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. The organization wrote Darrell Issa, the new House oversight chairman, to protest the potential cost of fuel-efficiency standards as high as 62 miles per gallon being considered by the Obama administration.

There is no current technology to get us to 62 mpg without making crazily unsafe cars, like the Dumb (Smart) Car.  Even then, Dumb Cars are only listed at 41 mpg highway. Physics over fairy dust, Derrick.  News flash:  Big auto doesn't give a $#it about Big Oil's profits.  If Big Auto can get 62 mpg and sell a mess of cars, they'll do it.

Once again, the Big Lie of Big Oil and an addiction.  See it for what it is.

If You Think This Is Bad.....

If you think the civil unrest over public-sector unions being asked to be part of the solution is bad, wait until Congress tries to tackle entitlements.

Roughly 45% of the US population receives government entitlements, up from 39% 5 years ago.  Unions represent only about 12% of the workforce and you see the unrest from asking them to give a little.

The common thread here is that both unions and those receiving entitlements are Democrat constituencies.  The Left has mobilized hundreds of thousands over the issue of union compensation; how many do you suppose they can mobilize over a reduction in entitlements.  For many years, any attempt to reform the entitlement structure has been met with resistance in the most destructive of terms.  "You hate the children", "Republicans want old people to eat dogfood", "The 'Extreme Right' wants you to starve and die in the cold". Any future attempt will be met with more of the same.  One only has to look at the attempts at budget cutting here in 2011.

I fear for the Republic.  It is becoming more and more likely the streets will look like those in Greece, France, Spain.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I am hearing much about "Rights" here in Wisconsin.  In particular, the "Right" to collective bargaining.  But what is a "Right"?

As Conservatives, we believe that rights are bestowed upon us by a higher power, just by virtue of our existence.  We have the right to speak our minds.  The right to defend ourselves.  The right to our own property and to be secure in it.  The right to not self-incriminate.  There are others as well.  We also believe that "Rights" do not infringe upon the "Rights" of others.  For example, my right to speech does not prevent another from theirs.  Rights cannot and do not come from government.  Government provides privileges, often for those whom government favors.

Collective bargaining, whether public-sector or private-sector, is not a "Right" in this sense.  Especially in the public-sector.  The "Right" to bargain collectively was afforded public employees in 1959 by the Wisconsin State Legislature.  That it was government and not God renders the argument false right away.  Reinforcing that argument is the infringement argument.  Public-sector union bargaining infringes on the rights of the taxpayer to their property.  The unions are able to take money (forcibly) from their membership and use it to support  the candidate who will give the union the greatest largess.

There is no "Right" to collective bargaining by public-sector unions.  Only "Lies...."

Our Children's Future Depends On Irresponsible Profligate Government Spending

At least according to the Governor of Maryland.

Republican governors see cuts as an end unto themselves. But Democratic governors believe that cutting spending and reducing the size of government are means to the larger ends of creating jobs, expanding opportunity and winning the future. We must therefore be strategic in how we cut.

I have yet to meet a Democrat governor who has made real cuts to their budget.  "Strategic cuts" can only mean one thing.  "Tax Increases".  If the governor made real cuts to his budget, it would have to be (in order to be meaningful) cuts to the bureaucracy.  Those cuts would hurt him polictically, since campaign contributions roll in heavily from public-sector workers unions.

They yell loudly about budget crises, make scapegoats of working men and women and grab headlines with their over-the-top antics.

"Over-the-top antics" leaving the state to avoid a tough vote?  Would that be the antics to which he refers?  Apparently, taxpayers are not "working people" and deserve to be scapegoated....or public sector unions.

Their wonderland approach makes deep cuts to education and schools when we need to improve the skills of our work force. They attack a worker’s right to bargain for fair wages, while pushing through tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens. They skip pension payments and raise property taxes, while crowing about fiscal responsibility.
Democratic governors are taking a very different approach. While Republican governors are focused on generating headlines, we are managing for results and helping our country generate jobs. From North Carolina to Oregon, Vermont to California, Democratic governors are balancing and moving forward at the same time.

Public education and schools and schools are an abysmal failure.  They no longer teach children, they indoctrinate them.  In southeastern Wisconsin, there are reports of teachers pontificating to their students regarding the Wisconsin budget repair bill (which affects them only in the most tangential way) and pressuring the students to support the Teacher's Union.  Clearly unethical.  There is no "Right" to collective bargaining for public-sector workers (or anyone else for that matter).  Collective bargaining was legislated in Wisconsin in 1959.  It can be un-legislated.  And yes, governor...California is really hitting the whole job-creation thing hard here.  I'm sure that will happen after they get a bailout from the American Taxpayer, courtesy of The Chosen One.

In Maryland, even as we’ve cut $5.6 billion and reduced the size of our state government, we have made record investments in public education that are improving student achievement in our state. We held to a four-year tuition freeze at our state universities and created — in some cases, even increased — targeted job creation tax incentives to help businesses put Marylanders back to work and expand our state’s innovation economy. you reduced by $5.6 billion, but you haven't "cut" anything?  How does that work?  Only by the magic of Leftist math.  "Targeted job creation tax incentives".  Maryland is the 5th highest taxation state.  Many indicators show Maryland is in line with California and my home state of Wisconsin for economic disaster.  The Governor paints a rosy picture, but give it a couple years and we will see who is growing and who isn't.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Underpaid Teachers

According to the Ozaukee County News-Graphic, average teacher salary in the Mequon-Thiensville, Wisconsin school district is $101,700.

I guess that myth is killed, huh?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allow Me to Throw the BullshitFlag

Since when has the United States of America not stood up for Liberty over Tyranny (at least, before 2008 anyway).  Libya is in full revolt.  Gadhafi (or Kadafi or Qaddafi or Qaddafi Duck) is done.  Doomed.  He may take many with him, but according to reports, he holds only the Capital and even the military is out.  Now the President  has finally spoken out.  We are what...8 days into this?  He's been silent.  Dead silent.  Just as with Iran.  He fears....what?

In Iran, he allowed the slaughter of civilian demonstrators last summer.  He sided with the likes of Chavez and Castro over Honduras.  He allows more slaughter now in Libya.  And at the same time, sends his thugs out against the citizens and taxpayers of Wisconsin in violation of the Tenth Amendment of The Constitution.  He is on the wrong side of everything.

Is Congress readying articles of impeachment yet?  Or are they afraid, too.

Mitch Daniels Emboldens the Left

Mitch Daniels was a conservative hero. The operative word is "was".  He allowed the illegal and thuggish behavior of the Left to change his mind.

Because of their absence, the right-to-work bill died Tuesday night and will be "studied" for a year before the legislature looks at it again, according to Senate President Pro Tempore David Long.

The Democrats will now employ the same tactic for any bill they don't like.  "If you give a mouse a cookie."

Grow a pair, Mitch.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brought To You By The People Smarter Than You

Remember that the Left is far smarter than you.  It shows in this video.  The girl at the beginning is concerned about being able to buy new clothes.  Really?  How much did daddy pay for that education, darlin'?  Violent overthrow of a duly elected governor?  Really?

They love, care, think and sympathize and will not tolerate "hate".

And their logic and intellect are truly dizzying.

Thanks for watching.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Nanny State Unintended Consequences

Because the Nanny State has decided I can no longer use phosphates in my detergent, I have to use many more gallons of water, since my dishes no longer come clean.  I either have to pre-rinse heavily or rewash after.  I estimate an extra 10 gallons or so.  Were they unaware of the "Water Shortage"?

Thanks, Nanny State.

Supporting Scott Walker

We made the decision to go to Madison for Saturday's rally late on Friday.  I was a little (a lot) apprehensive going into the belly of the beast, knowing the rhetoric that was coming out of Madison regarding Walker and the TEA Party.  That I was taking along my wife and our friend was that much more concerning; I can take care of myself.  We were able to park away from the Capitol and ride a bus in.  The bus dropped us a couple blocks from the Capitol and we were some of the first to arrive.  The nice part about arriving early is one gets to meet and greet a little.  Former Senatorial candidate (and all-around good guy) Dave Westlake was there as was Mary Dake, wife of Tim Dake from Grandsons of Liberty.  There were plenty from the other side, including a few infiltrators, but on the whole it was peaceful.  

The speakers included the aformentioned Dave Westlake, Vicki McKenna, the always awesome Herman Cain, Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) and others.  Gateway estimates the crowd at 15,000.  That's absurd.  Maybe 10,000.  But even that many was a nice turnout on 24 hour notice.  The Left could not pull that off without busing in the pros.

From my comment at Gateway:

But the big difference was in the signs. The Left had not only the most hateful, but most ridiculous signs. One homemade sign infiltrating our crowd said, “Millionaires for Walkercare”. WTF does that mean? And this whole, “Paid for by the Koch Brothers” idea is equally ridiculous. I’m waiting for my check then, I suppose. No shortage of Hitler signs. Conservative Girl has probably the worst one.
I was able to engage a teacher, but he wouldn’t budge telling me that they were willing to make concessions. I wondered where those concessions were when my school board was asking for them 6 months ago. And this isn’t even about the teachers. It’s about state employees. You would think that Walker was going to strip the public and private sector unions of everything – workplace protections, pay and benefits, strip them naked and force them to work shoveling snow from around the Capitol.
Many signs had statements like, “Care for teachers as they care for your child”. THE TEACHERS WHO TOOK OFF “SICK” FOR THREE DAYS!?!?!?!?!. Others said, “Stop the attack on working families”. Dude….I work and you are bleeding me white. Public sector union employees don’t understand that they are net tax “receivers”, not payers. We are their employers. And there is not entitlement to more pay just because one has two Masters Degrees. Something a Madison teacher with two Masters Degrees was unable to comprehend.
In all, peaceful.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jill thinks it's "Meet the new boss", but I'm certain it's not "the same as the old boss".

I mean seriously.  After 8 years of Doyle beholden to the public sector and teachers unions and in the pocket of ethanol and tort lawyers, this is what she's got?

Walker WILL bring jobs to the state.  Lots of them.

Oh...note to the new Governor:  Kill that ethanol mandate?  Thanks.
Apparently this "for the children" crap is just that?

Teachers believe the education of children is very important.  So important in fact that they are willing to not teach them in order to go  to a 60's-style protest march at the Capitol ("Hey, Hey, Ho,Ho, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah" is the standard chant for these, you know.  They also co-opted "Kill the Bill".)

Remember, teachers are not "professionals", no matter how much they claim they are.  They are represented by a labor union and are therefore, "labor".  This proves it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


H/T: Chicks.

It didn't go so well for Mika on Morning Joe.

It's been pretty clear for some time that amateurs are running foreign policy.  In what universe does a former First Lady qualify to be Secretary of State?  Apparently the same universe in which a Community Organizer qualifies to be POTUS.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Martial Law?

The Left is absolutely out of their collective minds with Walker.  Walker Derangement Syndrome is far surpassing either BDS or PDS in the state.

Walker is trying to bring the state employees unions to heel and is playing hardball to do it.  He has also prepared to bring in the National Guard to provide essential services in the event of a job action by the unions.  The unions obviously don't like any of this, but instead of saying so and acting rationally, they are claiming Walker is declaring "Martial Law".  Google "walker wisconsin martial law" and see the results.  Problem is, the governor can declare a "State of Emergency", but he can't declare "martial law".

But, you know the Left.  Anything to discredit the enemy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Democracy or Liberty

Much has been made over the idea of a "Democracy" movement in Egypt.  But the goal should not be Democracy, but rather Liberty.  There is "Democracy" in China, in Iran, in Cuba and in Venezuela, but little Liberty.  Private property rights are nearly non-existent.  The right to be safe in your person and papers does not exist.

The idea of Democracy - one person, one vote - is noble indeed.  But human nature, being what it is, Democracy is easily swayed toward our baser instincts.  Greed and envy are often used by politicians to pit groups against each other.  How good does it sound to "spread the wealth"?  How about "Free Healthcare for All"?  "It's for the children".  "Fairness".  But these run counter to true Liberty.

Liberty is the freedom from arbitrary control.  In the United States, it means we have God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; that we have the God-given right to that which we earn.  We are able to trade our labor for, in the end, property.  We are secure in that property.  It cannot be taken away without compensation.

Liberty is that which we should strive to export, not Democracy.  Liberty is what makes people safe and prosperous.

Ignoring the Law?

The Professor over at Legal Insurrection discusses the ramifications of the Presidents ignoring of judicial rulings not in his favor.

The overturning of the deepwater drilling ban is not the only ruling TCO has ignored.  The ruling against Obamacare is also being ignored and business continues "as usual".  This is the same POTUS who is operating without a budget.    The same one who had his proxies jammed through wildly unpopular legislation even as nearly 1 million people took to the National Mall in protest (interesting that for an ally, one-half that many people would be cause for "busing" said ally).  The same Chosen One who stated during the campaign that his goal was to make electricity prices "necessarily skyrocket".  The same Chosen One who, seeing a $1 Trillion (deficit) stimulus provide no measurable results, decided we needed another.  The same Chosen One who is dealing in Cronyism with General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt.

All this evidence leads me to the idea that there is a case for impeachment out there.  This POTUS has undermined National Security through economic destruction either through incompetence or malice.  He has damaged relationships with long-time allies and appeased enemies.  He has failed to control the borders.  He ignores judicial rulings.

Failing to fulfill the Constitutional requirements of the office is grounds for impeachment.  It is treason to intentionally fail to meet Constitutional obligations.

Badger Fans?

If true, this is despicable.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Will The Lies Never Stop?

Now it's Derrick Jackson in the Boston Globe.

Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator, was ready to combat the job-killing rhetoric. In her opening statement to a House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee, she quoted a UMass Amherst study that found that the construction and retrofitting investments in the eastern US under two new EPA air quality rules would produce nearly 1.5 million jobs over the next five years. The rules limit the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, lead, dioxin, arsenic, and other pollutants. She said the EPA’s implementation of the Clean Air Act, even in the last year of a Republican Bush administration loath to admit to the dangers of global warming, “contributed to dynamic growth in the US environmental technologies industry and its workforce.’’

Let's start with the author of this study:  UMass-Amherst.  If any study by "Big Business" is suspect, then I argue any study by "Big Education" and especially this one by "Big Leftist Education" is also suspect.

According to the study's author, 

“You are talking about an intense infusion of new capital for construction and installation and direct jobs for [people making] boilers, pollution control technologies, scrubbers, and component parts,’’ he said. “The indirect jobs are the kind created that when you install a natural gas-fired generator’’ which includes components made at factories across the country.

Pollution control technologies for NOx and sulfur pollution control already exist.  No new jobs from that.  In fact, with the reduction in coal-fired power plants due to these rules, there will be a net job loss.  In addition, natural gas-fired plants also emit CO2 in abundance.  It is first, unlikely new plants will be built under the new CO2 rules and second, construction jobs and those for the making of boilers and other equipment will be short lived.  Oh...we don't build large boilers so much in this country. Gemany, India, China and Japan, mostly although Babcock-Borsig and ABB have subsidiaries here.  The EPA put many others out of business.  In addition, these new EPA rules do not just apply to "Big Energy".  They apply to all businesses.  Look at the applicable NAICS codes in the rules and you will find few who are exempt.  Interestingly enough, the threshold for Hazardous Air Pollutants is 10 tons per year, but CO2, which has been declared a HAP only applies to those industries emitting over 25,000 tons per year.  (Humans exhale about 1 lb of CO2 per person per day, or close to 1/4 ton per year.)

Permanent jobs will be few compared to those which will be lost.  A coal fire power plant requires several times the number of employees as a gas-fired plants.  The coal handling equipment alone requires many to operate.  More auxiliary systems are required as well.  Dependent on the type of gas-fired plant, it can be run by as few as three operators for a 500 MW operation as opposed to 30 for coal (yes, I can prove that).

One letter was from the US Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s top lobbyist and the group President Obama sought to mollify in a speech this week. Citing the new air pollution rules as an example, the letter said EPA rules “ensnare multiple industry sectors and have economy-wide costs usually measuring in billions or even trillions of dollars . . . the cumulative impact can be overwhelming. The result: industries are effectively regulated out of business.’’

Studies such as the one from UMass state the opposite. Heintz said his job estimates were based on “a strong stance and aggressive enforcement’’ by the EPA and “serious compliance’’ by industry. A strong stance means Obama and Jackson cannot back down on regulations during this Republican fury. We would be regulating ourselves not just to a healthier environment but a brighter economic future.

As someone who has EPA compliance experience, I can tell you for absolute certain that the Chamber is correct and UMass is not.  As I stated above, look at the NAICS code sectors required to meet the regulations.  It's very clear.  I cannot imagine how "a strong stance and aggressive enforcement" by EPA will result in more jobs, unless they are jobs in EPA and those business has to hire to ensure compliance.  Those jobs are "overhead" and do not contribute to the bottom line.

The article is full of flaws and the Administration is just plain lying about this.  Defund EPA.

Oscar Prefers Rule By Bureaucrats

Apparently, Oscar doesn't think much of the Rule of Law, Legislation by Congress or  The Constitution of the United States.  He prefers to be ruled over by bureaucrats.

The decision by EPA (and other bureaucracies in DC) to make regulations with the force of law is, arguably unconstitutional.  The Constitution vests lawmaking with Congress and makes no provision for delegating that responsibility.  Anyone who has dealt with the consequences of a regulatory violation recognizes that they carry the force of law.

As to Oscar's arguments, he makes more than one error.

First: Congressional opponents of EPA action don’t appear to have an alternative plan to cut emissions.

The alternative plan is to not cut emissions of carbon dioxide, so yes, there is a plan.

Second: The notion that to stop the EPA from the regulation Congress will have to overturn the EPA’s 2009 finding that such gases are “a threat to American health and welfare.”  and, 

The meaning of the second: What climate change? Scientists? The National Academy of Sciences? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Phooey. We’re members of Congress; cost for those who feed our campaign coffers is more important than whatever costs to the environment that greenhouse gases exact. Members of the panel hearing the EPA director’s testimony scoffed at the science in any case.

Oscar's error in the second is that (alleged) AGW research is tainted and is proven so.  Data before about 1960 is incomplete at best.  Data after that time suffers from siting issues and potential data manipulation.  Many of those involved in this research and it's advocacy have enriched themselves at taxpayer expense through said research and advocacy.  Further, if "carbon footprint" is so terribly important, why do these same people fly around in private jets and travel in limos to high end resorts for their conferences and speeches?  Why does AlGore have a carbon footprint the size of Rhode Island?  Do I need to add more "doesn't pass the smell test" evidence?  The science is at best uncertain, at worst fraudulent.

In one breath, Oscar says this:

And this opposition isn’t about that balancing test always talked about – you know, the concept that we should recognize and take into consideration what such regulation could mean in terms of costs to businesses and what that means to jobs and the economy. I’m fine with that. 
And in the next, contradicts himself:
But what I’m hearing here – this lack of an alternative – is that there is no balancing on the other end – the cost to health and welfare of future generations. It’s only the immediate cost that should be factored in.

So, according to Oscar, while he's ok with looking at cost to business, jobs and the overall economy, please ignore it and immediately impoverish and kill the current generation so future generations can be spared a "maybe".  I say kill because a lack of cheap, abundant energy is what makes life something other than "nasty, brutish and short".

Another Big Steamin' Pile from Oscar.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold and Dark

But Steven Chu, Jeff Immelt and the anointed of Washington DC will not be.

If 60 of the 1100 gigawatts available in the US are shut down, the results will be devastating.  That is 5.4% of total capacity.

There is only enough energy out there in the power lines to feed all the loads plus the losses.  The system is self-regulating to maintain voltage and frequency with the variable being current.  Since Power (watts) is the product of voltage and current, if voltage is held constant, varying power can be maintained by varying current.  There is more to the regulation of power than this, but in oe of this is the ability to meet versimplified terms, this is it.

Generation of electricity consists of base load, rolling reserve, hot standby and cold iron.  Base load runs at full capacity all the time and is the lowest cost generator.  Right now, coal and nuclear plants run base load.  There is some natural gas in that mix, but not much.  Rolling reserve consists of plants running at less than full capacity, but have the ability to ramp up almost instantaneously.  Hot standby is not connected to the grid, but can be connected in a matter of minutes to supply power.  Cold iron is the most expensive and only operates during excessive peak times.

If 60 gigawatts of coal is retired by 2020, more expensive units will have to take their place; new nuclear capacity to replace 60 gigawatts is 20-50 years (or more) away at current construction rates.

The other side of this is the ability (or lack thereof) to meet peak load.  There is little enough reserve to meet peak in many places now and this will make a very thin system anorexic.

If this is not adequate evidence of "high crimes and misdemeanors" against this president for intentionally undermining the security and economy of the United States, I don't know what is.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clueless On Egypt?

The Beer:  Bad Santa, American Wheat and Belgian Tripel are all bottled and ready.  I even had some Duvel bottles for  the Tripel.

The Bicycle:  It's zero degrees F this morning.  I'm not even thinking bicycle.

The VRWC:  The lack of experience in the Administration is looming large.  The response to the crisis in Egypt has been lackluster at best.  But what is more troubling is the appearance of not connecting (or even trying to connect) the dots.  

I am not at all convinced that this is just a popular uprising in support of democratic rule.  The rise of a (somewhat) democratic order in Iraq may be influencing other countries as intended, but I see the potential for another scenario - Iran.

Iran has made no secret of their desire to establish a 21st Century Caliphate.  This is similar to the desire of the old Soviet Union to establish a worldwide sphere of influence by  fomenting revolution in third world countries, thereby giving the Soviets a foothold from which to export Marxism to the west (though gone, the Soviet influence lingers - but that's a topic for later). The Soviets used "5th column" tactics that is, they would send outside agitators to these countries to orchestrate protests and riots against the existing government.  In many cases, guerrillas were trained and equipped for warfare. I see similar tactics at work in the Middle East and North Africa.  Orchestrate popular protests.  If they don't topple the government, the next step becomes a guerrilla terror war.

I have zero evidence for this, only a gut feeling.  We will see how this unfolds, but I believe in the end we may well see a Caliphate extending from Turkey, through the Levant, encompassing the Saudi peninsula and North Africa to Morocco.  Of which I am certain, the Administration is not even considering this possibility.  That is a blunder from which we may not recover.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saw This One Coming From Far Away

H/T Dad 29 

It was bound to happen.  

I can buy this:

Four main factors are seen as driving prices higher: weather, higher demand, smaller yields and crops diverted to biofuels. 

The 40% of the US corn crop diverted to make an inferior fuel that helps no one except the people who are subsidized to produce it.  Ethanol operates at a net energy loss.  that is, it takes much more energy to produce than it provides.  So in addition to starving people, ethanol production is using up fossil fuels that could power other things directly.  It is not possible to produce ethanol at a net energy gain.  Physics: It's not just a good idea, it's the law.  But I digress.

Weather is always an issue.  Farmers live and die at the pleasure of the weather.  Smaller yields?  I suspect the love-affair with organic farming and the idea that fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides as well as GM crops are all evil is contributing to the smaller yields.

This, I'm not buying.

Volatile weather patterns often attributed to climate change are wreaking havoc with some harvests.

Weather has always been volatile.  It follows patterns more closely related to ocean cycles and sun cycles than (alleged) AGW.

Food shortages have always been the result of government policies, whether the intentional starvation of peasants under Stalin or the "save the fish" policies of the United States.  The most productive farmland on Earth has been decimate to pay homage to an "endangered" fish.

This was a no-brainer a long time ago.