Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's Easter Sunday (for those who believe) and I'm contemplating the religious aspect of American life, although not in the way you might think.

Religion is supposed to be faith. I believe, even though I don't have enough evidence. A new religion has emerged on the world. One that is threatening the freedom and prosperity of all and threatens to keep those who are poor and hungry, poor and hungry. It's the religion of Environmentalism. It has many sects, some fairly benign, some terribly dangerous.

I argue that the air and water are cleaner now than at any time during my life (some local issues like L.A. and Houston notwithstanding). We are better stewards of our resources than ever before. But the wrong-headedness of some parts of environmentalism and environmental policy are absolutely frightening. They are not grounded in anything remotely resembling science, but rather in faith.

Anthropogenic Global Warming. Big, bad humans are overtaking the climate of the all-wonderful, glorious Mother - Earth. Carbon dioxide from industry (read that as progress and people moving from poverty to wealth) is somehow causing a shift in the climate toward warmth. Whatever weather event happens, we're told it's supposed to be this way. The theory changes to agree with the obsevations. This article ( is very telling. It's , "We just don't fully understand the data", not "Our entire premise might be wrong".

The basis of scientific thought is skepticism. Scientists should always be trying to disprove a theory, find the exception. But not Global Warming. Change the theory to meet observations, but never question the anthropogenics. It's the fault of Humans. That blight on Mother Earth. Well, except for the elite adherants of the Global Warming sect of the Environmental religion. In the front pew, worshiping in their piety, pointing to the faults of the others while ignoring their own. Sound familiar? The skeptics are heretics in this religion and need to be silenced; "The debate is over". Aristotle and Galileo are positively spinning in their graves. The debate should never be over. It's unscientific. It's religious.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nice Place Ya Got Here

Welcome. I'm another refugee from another blog site that nobody's heard of. The title says it all. I just finished clearing 15-20" of "Global Warming" from my driveway. I have a Cherry Wheat in the fermenter and my Trek Madone 5.2 is waiting patiently for a little warm weather (ok, not cold weather). By this point, you get my drift on this site. I do some cooking, dote on my grandkids and am not shy about what I believe. Stop by for the information (I'm loaded with useless crap) and/or the debate. I'll stop by yours, too.