Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nice Place Ya Got Here

Welcome. I'm another refugee from another blog site that nobody's heard of. The title says it all. I just finished clearing 15-20" of "Global Warming" from my driveway. I have a Cherry Wheat in the fermenter and my Trek Madone 5.2 is waiting patiently for a little warm weather (ok, not cold weather). By this point, you get my drift on this site. I do some cooking, dote on my grandkids and am not shy about what I believe. Stop by for the information (I'm loaded with useless crap) and/or the debate. I'll stop by yours, too.


soliverphoto said...

You are not shy about what you believe in? Come on!

soliverphoto said...

Oh, you stay away from my dog!

The Mama said...

Hiya dad!
I'll add you to my Friends List.