Sunday, September 1, 2013

Voter ID. Part 6.02X10^23 and Other Stuff

The Beer:  We move into the Houston house Friday.  I hope to be brewing for the first time in months before October.

The Bicycle:  Heart rate issues persist, but I think I understand them.  At any rate, here is no blockage an no damage.  So it is back to the ride.

The VRWC:  The arguments against voter ID have always been absurd on their face. While requiring government-issued identification for voting in their own elections, they continue to be against ID requirements for governmental elections.  Are they disenfranchising their own membership?  It makes clear that the voter ID argument is for nothing more than helping ensure voter fraud cannot be caught or prosecuted in any significant numbers.  Those caught can be termed a "one-off".  With a compliant media, there's no way this isn't a win for Democrats.  Unless we pound on the hypocrisy to our friends and neighbors, they Democrats will continue to control the conversation.

Heading further down that same path, I had a conversation with a Wisconsin friend today who brought up Scot Walker running for POTUS.  She argued, in part that he should not run because he is not college-educated.  Claims the Left will beat him to death with it because they equate college with "smart".  I counter with this:  First, college education does not and has never been equated to "smart"  I know some brilliant people who lack a college education and some PhDs who are dumb as a bag of hammers.  Second, the Left, in true Alinsky fashion ridicules anyone with whom they disagree and in particular, calls them stupid.  Reagan was "stupid", Bush 41 was "stupid", Bush 43?   "Stupid".  Every single Republican is "stupid"  Now, I refer to the Republicans as "The Party of Stupid", but that will be discussed further in a few minutes.  But it is not possible for every Republican to be "stupid".  At least one must be average or above.  But in fact, there are many brilliant Republicans and Conservatives.  My point here is that the Leftists will try to portray any Republican candidate as "stupid".  Or evil.  Or stupid and evil.  Again, a compliant media makes this a win for Democrats.  We on the ground have to make our case to our friends and neighbors.  No one else will.  The important thing for Republicans to do is stay on message.  A strong, well-communicated economic  Conservative message resonates with nearly all Americans.  Republican candidates must stay on a Conservative message.  Moving to the center DOES...NOT...WORK.  It didn't work for Bush 41 in his second term.  It didn't work for Bob Dole, it didn't work for Romney.  It will not work for the next candidate.  Conservative message.  Pound it.  No distractions, no apologies, no moving to the Center.  Pound, pound, pound..  This is what wins.  Anything else loses.