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"Pro-Choice" means "pro-abortion".  It can be no other way.  All other choices have always been in play.  When I was younger, I didn't fully understand this.  I do now.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Politico and The Voting Rights Act

The Beer:  Brewed up a Cream Ale yesterday and the Fat Tire Clone is kegged.  Next weekend I'm thinking I should brew up a Pils.

The Bicycle:  Time to get it down and cleaned up.  I expect the first ride of the season within the next four weeks.

The VRWC:  I don't spend much time at Politico.  Never have.  But is it just me or are they becoming more and more PuffHo all the time?

Deekawife 3.0 was bugging me about blogging, since I haven't put up anything since Wednesday.  So, when I happened across this, I found a good excuse to rant.

The Voting Rights Act, though a necessary evil has been the greatest boon to SoProgs since, well....ever.  It has been used to leverage minorities into the Democrat Party by claiming it was the GOP all along who wanted to suppress their vote.  Except that it wasn't.  The Republicans voted in favor by a far larger margin than the Democrats did.  But the Big Lie has been enough to drive minorities (that and government handouts) toward the Democrats and the SoProgs.  It is true that laws in southern states were designed to prevent minorities, especially Blacks from voting.  But those states were "The Solid South"; at the time solidly Democrat and solidly racist.  

Fast forward to 2012.  The Voting Rights Act is now used as a political club used to beat states that run solidly Conservative Republican.  Why else would voter ID laws in places like South Carolina and Texas be challenged while the intimidation of White Voters in Philadelphia by Black Panthers passes practically without comment by the Administration.  

Attorney General Eric Holder claims, "The reality is that — in jurisdictions across the country — both overt and subtle forms of discrimination remain all too common".  Then why hasn't Holder prosecuted any violations (At least, I am unable to find any evidence of prosecution)?  So, either Holder is lying or he is derelict in his duty?  I see no other choice here.

The Politico article only infers, it never states what the real issue here is.  I can be a little more succinct.  SoProgs need fraud to win.  It becomes more apparent here in Wisconsin every day. If it were not so, the cacophony against voter ID would not exist.  Asking someone to identify themselves is ubiquitous in American society.  One cannot take part in day-to-day life without identification.  Asking someone to prove that they are eligible to vote in a certain location by showing identification in no way disenfranchises anyone.  It is just another Big Lie.  In fact it does quite the opposite.  One person voting illegally disenfranchises everyone.  Without Voter ID, it is a simple thing for me to walk into your polling place early in the morning, claim to be you, vote and walk out. when you come in later in the day and find "you" have already voted, you have no recourse.  None.  You are turned away.  Is that really what you want?

The Voting Rights Act is outdated.  Jim Crow is extinct and is never coming back.  The Act is only used to ensure states cannot make common sense changes to voting laws (like Voter ID) and keep minorities on the Democrat/SoProg Plantation.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save the Watch!

Normally, when the BS gets deep, you check the bottom of your shoes to find that smell.  But this survey is so deep in "what you're steppin' in", you feel the need to get your watch as far above your head as possible.  You know it's REALLY deep.  Conservative friend Bob breaks it down:

From his notes:

1.  Here is a very good question on this survey. (p. 25) (Paraphrase) Do you consider yourself a Born-again Christian? 66% say No.
The next question. What is your religious preference?
52% Protestant
19% Catholic
15% NONE
Almost as many "athiests" as Catholics taking this survey, and this is not a true survey of Catholics (Which is the impression that the story gives).
And no breakdown of the questions by religious preference. For example, How did Catholics, as a group, answer this question? Or Protestants? We do not know.
The question asked also did not pertain to religious freedom or first amendment rights, it was strictly about birth control.
There is also a question about who these respondants voted in '08. 41% Obama to 30% McCain. (This should really raise red flags, Obama did not beat McCain by 11 percentage points in '08). (Page 24)

2.  On the same page (page 24), 68% of those respondents are not supporters of the Tea Party (Which is far above the national average). This is a huge red flag. This survey really needs some scrutiny when you look at it all, the demographics make this survey very questionable.

3.  And on page 27 (contrary to what it says on the cover of the survey.)
34% democrat
27% Republican
32% Independent.
This survey is weighted heavily democratic.

Bob nails this when he says we shouldn't just take this as media "business as usual". We should be outraged at this kind of bias and even more outraged that The President of the United States of America has so little regard for the Constitution of the United States.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Lies and Statistics

The Beer:  Fat Tire Clone to be brewed today.

The Bicycle:  It's early February in Wisconsin and nearly warm enough to ride?  What's up with that?

The VRWC:  Here is what is at the Obama campaign website:

Here is what I found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Tell me who is lying here.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Much For That

This "inventor" in San Francisco thinks he's come up with "this great, legendary thing".  By attaching a Capstone micro-gas turbine he's extended the range of a Nissan Leaf.  


A microturbine gulps fuel like nobody's business.  The drag from the trailer and turbine must be enormous.  Yea, he might extend the range of the car, but what did it cost?  And not just the cost of the gas turbine, but the fuel cost must be enormous.

Completely defeats the purpose of the car.

Is It Lying....

If it's not the whole truth?  I report, you decide.

The sock-puppet media is all agog over the Department of Propaganda report of the lowest unemployment figure in the last 3 years (8.3%).  And that is true.  The unemployment rate has fallen to 8.3%.  I should be happy, right?

Yeah, no.  Dig a little deeper.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has some interesting data available.  Apparently, the current regime isn't smart enough to tell BLS to make the stats consistent.

  • The number of people older than 16 not in the workforce is 88 million, up from the December number of 87 million and the greatest number since well before 2002.
  • The number of people older than 16 not in the workforce and wanting a job now is 6.5 million, up from the December number of 6.1 million and the greatest number since August 2011.
  • The number of discouraged workers is just over 1 million, an increase over December and the largest number since November and consistent with 2011.
Conclusions?  The regime isn't lying, really.  They just aren't telling the entire story.  Yes, unemployment is down, but the number of jobs created are not enough to keep up with new people coming  into the workforce and to bring "discouraged workers" back in.  Remember that unemployment only counts those who are getting unemployment benefits, so new workers and discouraged workers are not counted.

It ain't rosy and I don't see it getting there soon.