Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save the Watch!

Normally, when the BS gets deep, you check the bottom of your shoes to find that smell.  But this survey is so deep in "what you're steppin' in", you feel the need to get your watch as far above your head as possible.  You know it's REALLY deep.  Conservative friend Bob breaks it down:

From his notes:

1.  Here is a very good question on this survey. (p. 25) (Paraphrase) Do you consider yourself a Born-again Christian? 66% say No.
The next question. What is your religious preference?
52% Protestant
19% Catholic
15% NONE
Almost as many "athiests" as Catholics taking this survey, and this is not a true survey of Catholics (Which is the impression that the story gives).
And no breakdown of the questions by religious preference. For example, How did Catholics, as a group, answer this question? Or Protestants? We do not know.
The question asked also did not pertain to religious freedom or first amendment rights, it was strictly about birth control.
There is also a question about who these respondants voted in '08. 41% Obama to 30% McCain. (This should really raise red flags, Obama did not beat McCain by 11 percentage points in '08). (Page 24)

2.  On the same page (page 24), 68% of those respondents are not supporters of the Tea Party (Which is far above the national average). This is a huge red flag. This survey really needs some scrutiny when you look at it all, the demographics make this survey very questionable.

3.  And on page 27 (contrary to what it says on the cover of the survey.)
34% democrat
27% Republican
32% Independent.
This survey is weighted heavily democratic.

Bob nails this when he says we shouldn't just take this as media "business as usual". We should be outraged at this kind of bias and even more outraged that The President of the United States of America has so little regard for the Constitution of the United States.

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Dad29 said...

Almost as bad as the Guttmacher (Planned Parenthood) "Survey" which lies about '98% of Catholic women use birth control'

But we quibble.

Ammo-buying in full swing....