Saturday, October 20, 2012

From the Chief

The Chief and I agree on nearly everything.  Where we don't is on how we get there.  In fact, I am not confident we can get there at all anymore.  It will be nearly impossible to even hold the line.

This President has done more to reduce your Liberty than any previous President and I would argue that in the previous 232 years less damage was done.  Lest you think I am bashing Democrats only, IO can say with certainty that Republicans are little better.  Not only have they been complicit by their actions, they have been complicit by their inaction.  The current President has initiated military action against multiple countries without consulting Congress.  He has taken sides in a Civil War.  Republicans have failed to address this impeachable offense.  But it goes far deeper than that.

Since the dawn of the last Century, possibly longer, politicians have believed the propaganda that they are the "best and brightest".  They truly believe they are better and smarter than the rest of us and are pre-ordained to "rule" over us (vice "govern") and to "care" for us.  We The People failed to push back and consequently, we have nearly a majority who are dependent on the Federal Government.  Others who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo push that number to over 50%.  This is why Conservatives put a million people on the Mall and had zero effect on Obamacare.

The Chief thinks we can change this quickly.  And here is where we disagree.  The game is rigged.  There are two parties and they collude, both locally and nationally.  We must start with the education system.  Tear it down and start over such that it teaches not only the true foundation of this country, but real science, mathematics, civics, and the ability to read and comprehend.  Little of that exists in the schools today; they are merely propaganda machines, especially for "progressive" causes.  We need to elect true Conservatives at the state and local level.  Trickle-up Conservatism.  Reversing the tide will be long and painful.  I do not expect to see the result.  It took 50 years to get here and I do not expect I have that many remaining.  Can it even be done?  I am dubious.  If we fail, there is no hope, no "Last Best Hope For Mankind".

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Am I Seeing What Others Don't?

The appearance to me is that the tropical Pacific is headed rapidly into a LaNina phase.  That coupled with the exceptionally rapid refreezing of the Arctic tells me a cold and snowy winter is on the way.  Nobody else seems to see it that way.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a "Global Warming Denier".  Right up there with holocaust deniers I suppose.  The absurd claims that "the science is settled" (true science is never "settled", only religion is) and "the debate is over" (there never was one) are anathema to me.  I believe we are headed into a long-term cold pattern that may rival "The Little Ice Age".  Evidence?  To start, the "averages" are averages for a reason.  Second, there is evidence that rapid warming occurs at the end of interglacial periods. We are past due for a new Ice Age.  The pre-historic record shows Earth has been substantially less hospitable than it is at this time for most of its existence.  Humans only emerged at the end of the last Ice Age about 15,000 years ago.  Earth is currently at a time and temperature indicative of the end of an interglacial period.  (I know it's Wikipedia...thanks.)

Buy a parka.  I think you will need it.