Thursday, October 18, 2012

Am I Seeing What Others Don't?

The appearance to me is that the tropical Pacific is headed rapidly into a LaNina phase.  That coupled with the exceptionally rapid refreezing of the Arctic tells me a cold and snowy winter is on the way.  Nobody else seems to see it that way.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a "Global Warming Denier".  Right up there with holocaust deniers I suppose.  The absurd claims that "the science is settled" (true science is never "settled", only religion is) and "the debate is over" (there never was one) are anathema to me.  I believe we are headed into a long-term cold pattern that may rival "The Little Ice Age".  Evidence?  To start, the "averages" are averages for a reason.  Second, there is evidence that rapid warming occurs at the end of interglacial periods. We are past due for a new Ice Age.  The pre-historic record shows Earth has been substantially less hospitable than it is at this time for most of its existence.  Humans only emerged at the end of the last Ice Age about 15,000 years ago.  Earth is currently at a time and temperature indicative of the end of an interglacial period.  (I know it's Wikipedia...thanks.)

Buy a parka.  I think you will need it.

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