Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clarity. Courtesy of RealDebate

RealDebate posted an excerpt from Folkbum today that gave me considerable clarity.

It's a neat little package.  You have those who define "intellectual" making their intellectual lives quite easy.  By defining those with different beliefs and opinions as "stupid", there is no need for any mental gymnastics, no need for critical thought.  It's all wrapped up in a nice, neat little package called, "stupid".

After all, why go to the work of coming to a logical conclusion if you don't have to.  After all, you're "intellectual".

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Herman Cain

Althouse wanted to talk about Herman Cain after his straw poll win in Florida.  My comments (typos and all):

I have met Herman Cain, shook his hand, looked him in the eye and was able to ask pointed questions at a TEA Party rally in Sheboygan last year.  He's the Real Deal.  absolutely, positively the one we are looking for on the Right.  He is inspirational, smart, street smart and capable of filling his cabinet and "kitchen cabinet" with the right people.  Remember that Reagan's success was his Big Ideas and hiss ability to communicate.  But Reagan also surrounded himself with the right people for the policies he wanted to implement.

I care not that Cain is Black.  I care not that he has held no elective office (neither did George Washington).  I care that he has the right values and principles and policies to make the United States of America great again.

Further, I agree with commenter " Pogo": "I see little evidence that experience in public office offers much more than training in featherbedding and corruption."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

College and Debt

Sarah Jaffe at Alternet laments the gigantic debt incurred by college students.  Where she fails is in placing blame.  Never getting to the heart of the matter (which I will get to later), she blames the collection agency after the student defaults.

Now, I have some personal experience with college and with student loans.  I went to college later in life (I started at 31) and was able to  pay via GI Bennies.  They ran out, thanks to the transition from Vietnam-era benefits and the current system (thanks, Democrat-controlled Congress - I still had 36 months of eligibility left).  But I had the ability to go back for a year to the high-paying job I left to go to college (another story for another time).  Not everyone has that ability.  I get that.

But here's the deal:  we subsidize both public and private colleges and universities through both scholarships and the federal student loan program.  There is no incentive for these institutions to contain costs.  From a cultural standpoint, there is a belief in this country that everyone should go  to college.  Consequently, many are admitted who are unprepared.  But no matter, the Feds will provide a loan, either way.    And since those loans are generally means-tested, the loans go to those least able to pay them back.  Is it any wonder the massive student loans go into default?

To blame the collection agency and claim that students should just not bother to repay is absurd.  Let's work on the root of the problem.

Monday, September 19, 2011

At What Point.... Obama responsible as President of the United States?  Does the Buck ever stop with Him?  Apparently, never according to Bill Keller in the Obama mouthpiece formerly known as The New York Times.

I can't fathom the intellectual dishonesty required to come up with this stuff.  The Democrats still own two-of-three branches of the government.  For two full years, Republicans had no ability to stop anything.  Obama has been president for nearly three years.  And the current economy is the fault of Bush and the Republicans?

Obama has done exactly nothing.  Her has led no legislative agenda, made no attempt at any kind of bipartisan compromise ("I won".)  He has never considered any program or legislation set forth by the GOP.  He has demagogued Republican efforts at budgetary sanity.  He has fomented Class Warfare and taken the fight to his political enemies using the power of government.  His use of OFA and worse, DOJ in Wisconsin is an abuse of power not seen in my lifetime....and I lived through Nixon.

Keller completely misreads the rise of the TEA Party.  It is not a "toxic legacy" of  George Bush, but rather "the adults in the room".  We are the only ones who understand that government spending will never bring prosperity....ever.  We are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren.  Madison would have been a TEA Party activist.  Clearly Keller has never read Madison.

The sycophants on the Left still read NYT and are in lockstep with Keller.  I guess they are not part of the 18%-plus who are unemployed/underemployed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Butt The F**k Out

Hey, Michelle:  Butt the f**k out of our lives.  who the f**k do you think you are?  You're as big a thug as your husband.  Strong-arming private business to meet your agenda.  STFU.  Witch with a capital "B".

Great Job Lena!

Run more jobs out of the state.

F-you.  You are hurting your own people.  Are you happy with that?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I went to AttackWatch, joined and posted that my blog is loaded with anti-Obama stuff.  I expect Secret Service within 24 hours or maybe just an IRS audit.  (Of course, an FBI raid is never out of the question).  We need to hammer these jokers just like we did with

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Day of Remembrance

On this Day of Remembrance, many in this country invoke God that He might save this country.  I am reminded of a story my mom told me many years ago about a Christian couple who were trapped in their home during a major flood.  The Sheriff came by in a boat to take them to safety, but they said they were trusting in God to save them.  As the waters rose, a boat came by carrying National Guard rescuers to take them to safety, but again, they refused.  "We trust in God to save us".  The flooding continued and as the waters rose further, they found themselves sitting on the peak of the roof of their home, when a helicopter came by.  "Come with us!  We'll take you to safety!"  "No, no....God will save us.  Of that, we are certain".  The waters rose even more, swept them away and they drowned.  As they came to heaven, they were met by God and said, "We trusted in you.  Why did you not save us as you promised?"  God replied, "What do you want from me?  I sent two boats and a helicopter."

The moral of the story is that only we can save this country and return it to the greatness it once was.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Open Letter To National Conservative Groups From Wisconsin Conservative Bloggers

This letter is part of a chain to which I add my own signature.  I am in complete agreement with the contents.

To: Chris Chocola, Club for Growth
The Honorable Jim DeMint, junior Senator from the Great State of South Carolina

It is with great disappointment that we have learned of the efforts of some conservatives on the national level to try to dictate to Wisconsin conservatives their choice for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Senator Herb Kohl. This is a tremendous opportunity for Wisconsinites to elect a second conservative senator worthy of holding the office, and one that Wisconsin conservatives will take very seriously. This is not only a choice of ideology but of character, and it is our responsibility to bring Mark Neumann’s lack of character to your attention.

While we do not question Neumann’s past contributions to conservatism while he was a Congressman, his actions during last year’s campaign are completely unbecoming of a conservative candidate.

We respectfully request the national conservative groups and individuals to take a second look at their endorsement of Neumann. We ask that since many of them missed the opportunity to come to Wisconsin during the recent battles over collective bargaining for state employees and the recall elections, they come to Wisconsin now to talk to true Wisconsin conservatives to find out what they think of Neumann before attempting to foist their choice upon Wisconsin.

We do not write this under direction or duress from any candidate, potential candidate, or candidate’s campaign. We write this under the knowledge that as the primary for United State Senate commences in earnest, we will likely go our separate ways and support any number of candidates. That is our right as Americans.

If the past election in Wisconsin has shown national conservatives anything, it is to trust in the faith of Badger State conservative activists. We had the foresight to supply the movement with current leaders and rock stars like Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan, Ashland Congressman Sean Duffy, Green Bay Congressman Reid Ribble, Governor Scott Walker, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, and even Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

That is just in the past two years, and we assure you, there are plenty more where they came from.

Thank you,
(The Undersigned)

Owen Robinson
Blogger, Boots and Sabers, since 2003
West Bend, WI

Kevin Binversie
Blogger, Lakeshore Laments, since 2003
St. Francis, WI

James Wigderson,
Blogger, Wigderson Library & Pub, since 2005
Waukesha, WI

Steve Eggleston
Blogger, No Runny Eggs, since 2005
Oak Creek, WI

Patrick Dorwin
Blogger,, since 2004
Milwaukee, WI

Tim Gray
Blogger,, since 2010
La Crosse, WI

Ben Froland
Blogger,, since 2009
Neenah, WI

Chris Krumenacher
Blogger, Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot., since 2009
Racine, WI

Steve Oliver
Blogger, Beer Bicycles and the VRWC, (, Since 2008
Mequon, WI

Friday, September 2, 2011

GOP Response?

Not as far as I can tell.  At what point will the GOP take the fight to the opposition? I sent this to Sensenbrenner today:

I am appalled not only at the comments from Rep. Andre Carson (“some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree.”), but also by the failure of the Republican majority to not only defend those whom he has slandered, but also to call for sanctions up to and including his resignation.  Can you imagine the response had a white Congressman slandered the Congressional Black Caucus in such a way?  

The comments from Carson and further comments from Rep. Jackson and others demand a strong response.  I suggest if the Congressional Republicans are too afraid to take action, it will be necessary to find new representation.

Having dealt with my Congressman a couple times, I doubt this will phase him in the least.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Has Anyone Considered....

We might be getting our brains beat in?

We are losing the PR War.  Here.  No demand for a resignation or even an apology.

Here.  A counter in a newspaper only Conservatives read.

 Here.  Rehabilitating someone who should bee in prison for treason, but has instead been enriched and made famous by our entertainment culture.

And here.  No in-depth reporting of who the "outside agitators" are (OFA) and no indication of why MPS had to lay off teachers (the school board caved to union demands for a contract extension).

These are just a few examples of how the Left and the media have grabbed the story away from us and we Conservatives have failed to counter.  Failed to demand.  Failed, failed, failed.  No Conservative is out there with a message that resonates with most Americans.  No one is out there telling the President, Vice President and the rest of the Administration (including spokesman Jay Carney) to STFU.  WTF is the GOP afraid of?  Get up!  Get with it!  The Left and the media are going to make s#!7 up regardless, so you might as well hammer them and get your story out.  Buy air time if you have to.  On the alphabet networks, CNN, NBC.

Goddammit, somebody do something!!!!!!!!  I'm tired (as are other Conservative bloggers) of writing and writing and writing and the "Conservatives" we elect do nothing.  NOTHING!!!  "Supercommittee"...bullshit.  Compromise.....bullshit (what do I say about "compromise"?).

I'm just a lowly blogger.  I don't know shit from Shinola apparently.  I thought the "real" Conservatives would get out and lead from the front.  Nah....they "lead" from behind the likes of the TEA Party groups, Heritage, talk radio, FOX.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?