Thursday, September 1, 2011

Has Anyone Considered....

We might be getting our brains beat in?

We are losing the PR War.  Here.  No demand for a resignation or even an apology.

Here.  A counter in a newspaper only Conservatives read.

 Here.  Rehabilitating someone who should bee in prison for treason, but has instead been enriched and made famous by our entertainment culture.

And here.  No in-depth reporting of who the "outside agitators" are (OFA) and no indication of why MPS had to lay off teachers (the school board caved to union demands for a contract extension).

These are just a few examples of how the Left and the media have grabbed the story away from us and we Conservatives have failed to counter.  Failed to demand.  Failed, failed, failed.  No Conservative is out there with a message that resonates with most Americans.  No one is out there telling the President, Vice President and the rest of the Administration (including spokesman Jay Carney) to STFU.  WTF is the GOP afraid of?  Get up!  Get with it!  The Left and the media are going to make s#!7 up regardless, so you might as well hammer them and get your story out.  Buy air time if you have to.  On the alphabet networks, CNN, NBC.

Goddammit, somebody do something!!!!!!!!  I'm tired (as are other Conservative bloggers) of writing and writing and writing and the "Conservatives" we elect do nothing.  NOTHING!!!  "Supercommittee"...bullshit.  Compromise.....bullshit (what do I say about "compromise"?).

I'm just a lowly blogger.  I don't know shit from Shinola apparently.  I thought the "real" Conservatives would get out and lead from the front.  Nah....they "lead" from behind the likes of the TEA Party groups, Heritage, talk radio, FOX.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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