Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clarity. Courtesy of RealDebate

RealDebate posted an excerpt from Folkbum today that gave me considerable clarity.

It's a neat little package.  You have those who define "intellectual" making their intellectual lives quite easy.  By defining those with different beliefs and opinions as "stupid", there is no need for any mental gymnastics, no need for critical thought.  It's all wrapped up in a nice, neat little package called, "stupid".

After all, why go to the work of coming to a logical conclusion if you don't have to.  After all, you're "intellectual".

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Dad29 said...

Same s&^t, different day--observe that "Green" is largely a shiny object which sucks huge $$, and you're not only 'stupid,' you're also 'caveman'.

I cannot wait for the Revolution of '12 (November, that is)--and the deaths of dozens of political careers!