Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Bone to the UAW

Be careful what you wish for.

I wonder when the general public is going to wake up. The Presidents' actions speak so much louder than his words. In last nights' (completely staged) press conference, he claimed to not want an expansion of government, yet the GM bailout and countless other plans from this administration say the opposite.

But the UAW should reconsider this deal-with-the-devil. Yes, they will live off the taxpayer tit. The government will pour more and more taxpayer money into GM.

But rather than use his early popularity to force hard decisions through the bankruptcy code, President Obama has decided in essence to have the feds run GM and Chrysler. This inevitably means running them for the benefit of the UAW that is so closely tied to the Democratic Party. Next up will be tax changes and regulations intended to coax, or coerce, Americans to buy Gettelfinger Motors cars. This tale of taxpayer woe is only beginning.

But without government coersion, it is unlikely people will flock back to GM.

My wife has an Impala. Good car. Happy with it. I guarantee it is the last GM car we will own. The new GM is sure to be overpriced and undermade.

I have (or had) a little cartoon about "Pelosi Motors" or something to that effect. If I can find it, I'll post it here. You will be able to see what the future holds.

Waterboarding and Democrats

H/T Dad29. I hadn't really considered this angle.

So what's the big deal in passing legislation to outlaw waterboarding and any other harsh technique Congress doesn't like? The Democrats own both Houses of Congress and the White House. A "Truth Commission" is nothing more than political cover so waterboarding is available..."just in case". Democrats lie about culpability so easily (anyone remember three particular Democrats with ties to Fannie Mae?) that they should have no problem with this one. When thousands of Americans die because sitting a terrorist down for tea and cookies doesn't get his plans, they can just "blame Bush".

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're All going To Die

The Beer: My "Young Apprentice" to be appears to be no longer interested in the craft, so I'll be brewing the Blonde on my own.

The Bicycle: Bugs are swarming along the Lake (where it's cooler). A "do-rag" is in order.


At least this article has an hint of intellectual honesty.

The number is much higher than last year's figure of about 125 million people because (of) recent changes...

And if you read the article, you will see that I quoted this out-of-context. But I did so to highlight what appears to be a pattern. Anytime environmental conditions improve, the requirements change to make the better conditions seem worse. Why not celebrate the improved environment? I'm old enough to remember when Lake Erie was dead from pollution and the Cuyahoga River caught on fire. The south end of Lake Michigan was awful. The air was full of soot and God-knows-what-else. Especially in places like Chicago, Gary, Pittsburgh, Birmingham and Baltimore where the steel industry was belching pollutants with no controls at all. Love Canal and Times Beach anyone?

Are there improvements to be made? Sure. Are we all doomed by air pollution? Much less so than 50 years ago.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Dreams

A number of things occurred to me while reading this.

As the article says, "ya can't get somethin' for nothin' ". I don't care what it is.

The trouble is that these models embody wildly unrealistic assumptions: there are no business cycles; the economy is always at "full employment"; strong growth is assumed, based on past growth rates; the economy automatically accommodates major changes -- if fossil fuel prices rise (as they would under anti-global warming laws), consumers quickly use less and new supplies of "clean energy" magically materialize.

Of course. How do they sell this ridiculous idea without pie-in-the-sky assumptions? But the next paragraph was really telling:

There's no problem and costs are low, because the models say so.

Modeling the economy is almost as difficult as modeling the climate. If they are willing to fudge economic models to get their agenda passed, isn't it reasonable to believe they would fudge climate models?

The Green Agenda is not about "Saving the Planet". It's about making a Socialist Utopia come true. Where everyone behaves as they are told. Where there are no business cycles and there is always full employment, thanks to Big Brother.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Post American Era

While it wasn't clear at the time, the election of Barak Hussien Obama as President of the United States of America signals the end of the United States as The Exceptional Power. Mark Steyn asks who will lead in the Post American Era?

American Exceptionalism has saved the world from cataclysm on more than one occasion. Beginning in WWI, then WWII followed by The Marshall Plan and Korea, The Cold War and now the War on Terror. Who comes to the aid of friend and foe alike when disaster strikes? What country feeds the world? What country is the bastion of freedom and opportunity, to which multitudes risk life and limb to come? What country will replace all that? China? India? They can barely feed their own. China's population may well crash because of their one-child policy. Iran? Hardly. Russia? Only to restore the old Soviet Empire. Then the EU, right? The EU is an apathetic, selfish collection of countries whose best days, if they ever had them are now far behind.

And where is the US leadership? Apologizing for some supposed sins. Forcing more and more government on the people, suffocating the independence and creativity that made this the strongest economic engine the world has ever seen. Becoming one of 190.

The world is unlikely to see another United States of America. The benign leadership of this country is unprecedented in history. After WWII, as the last country with any capacity remaining, the United States could have easily overwhelmed the rest of the world. Instead, we rebuilt it. The world will be worse off for the change.

Caviar and Socialism

Cincinnatus hits the nail. Under-30's went overwhelmingly for TCO. They will pay the price.

Me and Ms. Jones

Phelony and Mr. Jones ventured from the Urban Hang Suite yesterday to visit the Northern Regional Safehouse for drinking beer (and other adult beverages) and discussing bicycles and the VRWC (among many other topics). Mr. Jones generously provided a bottle of Tennessee's Finest *thanks, Jill* (I realize there is some debate here). Deekawife 3.0 was her usual entertaining-hostess-self. The real occasion? Mr. Bill's Birthday.

A most excellent time was had by all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Abandoning the Iraqs

The President has a stated goal of getting out of Iraq. The Secretary of State says "we're not abandoning you". Aren't these diametrically opposed?

How Does This Work

"Mr. President, please eliminate my job to help save a buck for the taxpayers".

Yeah..that'll work.

$41.7 Million or Bust

I don't comment on sports much, but I find this to be crazy stuff.

The kid is untested and going to the Lions, where he will be expected to start right out of the gate. I know what the article says about Culpepper, but I don't believe it. That kind of money doesn't go out for a kid who is going to be a backup for a season.

He's gonna get clobbered.

A Little Hope On A Saturday Morning

I'll take what I can get.

(Alleged) AGW legislation will put so many out of work, it will make the current unemployment statistics look mild. Automakers, small engine manufacturers, anyone in the fossil fuel industry, electric utilities and related business will all go under. Small manufacturers will not be able to compete because of increased energy costs. Some will say the playing field will be level. Only if all countries do the same thing. They won't. In the same manner that some OPEC countries cheat on their quotas, some countries will cheat on their energy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Symbolic Victory?

There is no such thing.

This is why Republicans keep getting beaten like a rented mule:

Still, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions described the race as a symbolic victory for Republicans.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Regulating Carbon = Bad Policy

How bad? This bad.

More Apologies, Anyone?

Does the left have a rebuttal? Not one with any legs.

Pakistan and The Taliban

Here is a perspective one will not see in the MSM. Hillary (of all people) is sounding the alarm, but no one in the Administration seems to be listening.

Polls, Schmolls

I have my doubts here. Especially when this shows something much different. Once again, the media cherry-picks for the benefit of TCO. Anyone who thinks this country is headed in the right direction isn't paying attention or thinks a country with a weak national security policy, no credibility overseas and a fascist government and socialist economy is a good thing.

I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Critics Are Being Nice

Simply put, Chu is a liar and a fear-monger.

Napolitano Should Resign

"Could have been written differently"? She besmirched anyone who doesn't agree with the Leftist dogma. She slandered veterans. No evidence presented. Only speculation, based on reports from various "groups" all with leftist affiliation.

What do you suppose the response would be if the Bush administration had written a hit piece like this about Leftist groups?

Napolitano must go.


So now they can do it again. Catch-and-Release with bad guys is a bad idea. Either keep them detained or kill them before you have to worry about it. Now innocent lives are at stake...again.

Tea PartyTruth

Finally, someone in the MSM who isn't FoxNews or a talking head on radio understands what the Tea Parties were all about.

I expect he'll be excommunicated from the Liberal Church of Bush-Hate.

Yellow Submarine

I think this is probably a good thing. As I've stated in this blog, we are jumping into some really onerous regulation on what, on balance is limited (and sloppy) research into (alleged) AGW.

50 years of data is hardly enough to claim we're all going to die. Especially as sloppy as research into (alleged) AGW has been. We can debate the merits, but to say the science of something as complicated as climate is complete and irrefutable is just intellectually dishonest. Economic destruction is much more detrimental to humans than (alleged) AGW can ever be. The economic engine is what provides solutions. If, in fact (alleged) AGW turns out to be real, the market is more likely to turn it around than onerous (and corrupted) government regulation.

The "Precautionary Principle" in this country has run amok.

The Continuing War On Achievement

Maybe I just don't understand. Or maybe there just isn't enough information in the article. From what I'm reading here, a bunch of hack politicians took it upon themselves to be experts at examinations for adults.

They all passed a promotion exam, but the city threw out the test because no blacks would have been promoted....

This is not de facto proof, or even evidence of discrimination. It is only proof that the Blacks who took the test did not score as well as the Whites. Was it discriminatory in high school that I didn't score as well as Ruth did on a consistent basis?

Also, beneath the specific details of the firefighters' lawsuit lies an uncomfortable truth: On most standardized tests, regardless of the subject, blacks score lower than whites.

Again, passed off as "proof" of discrimination. In college, a visiting professor to my Poli Sci class, who happened to be Black, commented that there were only two choices: You believe there is discrimination, or you believe Blacks are stupid. That statement is indicative of a world-view still prevalent in this country. It is ridiculously over-simplified. Perhaps the failure of the Black community to put a premium on education has something to do with it? I'm just sayin'. There are many, many factors, both known and unknown, including institutional discrimination that may go into this. Haven't we moved past this ridiculous oversimplification yet?

Sources of bias included that the written section measured memorization rather than actual skills needed for the jobs; giving too much weight to the written section....

The implication here is simply racist. "Blacks can't memorize or write as well as Whites"? "Blacks are better at hard skills"?

Shouldn't we be holding everyone to the same standards?

Again, "I'm just sayin' "

More Unintended Consequences

Anything Man does has consequences. Deal with it.

Another Lefty Who Didn't Want to Know

The Beer: The Lawnmower is so good, my wife had it with last nights' (awesome) grilled chicken wings instead of her usual wine. I thought the Pale Ale was better. And there's nothing like a beer after a day of hard, physical labor.

The Bicycle: 40 miles yesterday. After the tree incident. The temperature was near 80 at the start of the ride, but fell of to 60 or so near the Lake. Normally, I ride home along the Lake, but I doubled back yesterday, since I was not properly dressed.

Note to Illinois drivers: It's not cool to attempt a U-turn in front of me on a busy street and stop when you find your car has inadequate turning radius.

The VRWC: Here's another Lefty who doesn't get it. We don't ask for money to come here from the Feds. All we know is that we are taxed 50% and more in total. Her claim of a tax cut for the vast majority is just dishonest when nearly 50% pay no income taxes.

The answer is that what’s left of the Republican Party is intent on cutting off the knees of the administration before it actually manages to fulfill any campaign promises on reducing the huge economic gap between the top 5 percent of the country and the rest of the populace.

I realize there a many in this country who think this is a good thing, but taking from one (at the point of a gun, I might add) to give to another is theft. Plain and simple. Government as "great equalizer" has unintended consequences. Just like "government subsidized news". Maybe they should look to their Lefty Hollywood friends or guys like George Soros to close that gap, instead of doing it on the back of small business.

This isn't about secession. This is about a gigantic Federal bureaucracy that exceeds its' Constitutional authority and continues to consume tax dollars at an unsustainable rate.

Something Completely Different

I have several ash trees in my yard, of varying age. The emerald ash borer is within striking distance, so I wanted to take the smaller trees out before the became infested so I can have the wood for the fireplace. I cut the first yesterday. I've felled trees in the past, but never within 20 feet of the house. Even though I know it will fall the right direction, there's a bit of a "pucker factor" waiting for it to fall.

But I think I'll leave the big one next to the street.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Skeptical...

but if it happens, I'm all for it.

In my view, the only Constitutional duties of the federal government are National Defense and Interstate Commerce. I challenge anyone to find an explicit directive to do otherwise.

The leviathan known as the Federal Bureaucracy threatens to swallow GDP whole. If TCO reduces it, I'll be very long as he doesn't make it bigger on balance with larger government programs like, say, Healthcare.

Can We PLEASE Rethink AGW?

Pretty please? Evidence that we are moving into a cooler climate cycle continues to grow. Before we ruin the world economy and further impoverish third-world nations by hamstringing energy supplies, shouldn't we be sure? The potential effects of eliminating the sources of a vast majority of the worlds' energy resources (i.e., fossil fuels - worldwide, about 90%), will be far more devastating to humans than (alleged) AGW.

Governments are basing energy decisions on sloppy, politically motivated science. TCO promised to "bring science back to the White House". This would be a good time to do so.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad News for Free Speech

The worst idea ever for Free Speech.

Right now, this would work for the Left. But the worm always turns and eventually the Right would have power. Is this what they really want? Did they not see what happened to GM when they took government money?

I'm assuming this is an Obama appointee. I believe the administration knew exactly what she believed when they selected her. This is not an accident.

Garafalo are irrelevant.

Let's Just Regulate Ghosts, Too

You think the economy is bad now? Just wait.

This is unbelievably bad policy. This will destroy the US economy. And if anyone thinks the rest of the world will follow, I have information you may want to hear...they won't. Come on, lefty's tell me how this is a good thing. Tell me how the "science" is settled. There's no science in this. It's sloppy, politically motivated research that means nothing. We and our children and our children's children will pay the price.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Numbers Still Don't Work

This is clearly a case of not understanding fundamental economics.

The red flag was this statement:

The couple had to come up with extra collateral to get their loan approved after an appraiser couldn't find any comparable homes.

A pretty good indication that the bank doesn't see this as a good investment. In fact, a quick calculation, using future value shows that the payback on the solar panels (30 years) exceeds the expected life (about 20 years). (Based on an $89,000 investment, saving $400 per month, all at 5% interest/inflation)

I also believe that this administration wants to increase the cost of energy to make solar and wind more competitive. But the materials needed to make solar panels and windmills are very energy intensive. Increasing the cost of energy will only increase the cost of these products, making them less competitive.

Save the Earth if you want. Don't expect it to be profitable.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

BPA vs. (alleged) AGW

I don't know one way or the other. But if the standard is to not have errors and inconsistencies (and I think it should be), then why is (alleged) AGW research, which is fraught with both, accepted as gospel? If the funding source calls research into question, then shouldn't government or environmental group funding also call (alleged) AGW research into question?

I'm just sayin'.


Today is the day we Christians celebrate The Resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ. His resurrection gives us hope of life after death. Many think we are wrong; this life is all there is.

I see it this way: If I'm wrong, when I die, I lose nothing. I won't even know. If they are wrong, well...eternity is a long time.

Oil and Wind

The Beer: The Saison is bottled and ready to drink. It came out better than expected.

The Bicycle: Still "cooler near the Lake", but the weather has become nice enough to ride. Today, I plan to bundle up nice and warm, ride west, toward the kettles and ride 30-40 miles.

The VRWC: How quickly things change. When oil was $150 a barrel, Americans were screaming bloody murder. "Drill Here, Drill Now". Washington listened (kind of). Oil is running about $50 a barrel now and gasoline is commensurately less expensive. The silence of the consumer is deafening. Policy is returning to the anti-oil rhetoric.

The panacea of wind and solar will only impoverish the consumer further and widen the "rich-poor gap" (I'm not certain how much of that gap really exists, but TCO's policies will ensure it comes to its' full fruition). The unreliabilty of wind and the facts of Earth's rotation will make these no more than bit players.

(Alleged) AGW hype and "The Precautionary Principle" are driving energy policy. This is not good.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am unconvinced that most of those who are uninsured are long-term uninsured. Certainly many, in this recession are going without until the next job. That may be the reason for no clout. There doesn't seem to be much data on the long-term vs. short-term uninsured.

Evil Christians

Make sure to bring in the "Evil Christian Sunday School Teacher" angle.

I'm n ot so sure I have a problem with identifying her in that way as much as I have a problem with not identifying certain others in the same manner. For example, Muslim terrorist or illegal immigrant who commits a get the drift. It's been open season on the Judeo-Christian world for some time now and I think I'm tired of it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Puppy for Joe, Hate for the Breeder

Shouldn't the hate be directed at the gaffmeister? I mean, seriously. He took the puppy instead of going to the shelter. That's not the fault of the breeder. Of course, when you are donating to the cause, it's hard to give your benefactor a "beat down".

L.A. Times

Newspapers are perfectly capable of mocking integrity and journalistic ethics without doing this.

Blowhard Biden

This provides more insight into what kind of people are running the country. Biden is a gaff-machine, is shown to be a plagarist and is now also being shown as a "blowhard and liar". But more importantly, the sitting President and Vice President have generally avoided criticizing their predecessors. For Biden, I'd add a word, but this is a "family" page.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Pacifistically Naive View

No matter how strong you are, you're not going to be able to protect yourself by yourself.

This is a naive as one is capable of being. The entire article is devoted to what a wonderful world it would be without nuclear weapons and the US should lead the way. Let's see if I have this right: If the US unilaterally disarms, then everyone will like us and countries like Iran and North Korea (not to mention Russia and China) will just play along and we'll be one happy, cosmically harmonious global family?

Yeah, how'd that work out for Europe 70 years ago?

There is evil in the world and those who wish to do us harm. Disarming ourselves without another means of defending against nuclear weapons is just plain stupid.

Of Course They Do

The UN wants rich countries to get more ambitious about (alleged) climate change.

Here is the important statement: the US would only offer cuts that were "politically and technologically achievable".

It's been clear for some time, both anecdotally from former members and from analyzing policy, that many groups advocating carbon reductions are also enemies of progress and capitalism. Cutting carbon emissions will be much more detrimental to civilization than AGW.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The results of the local elections here in Wisconsin provide evidence that the vast majority of Wisconsin voters love high taxes, regulations, "fairness" and lousy schools. A trip to the Tea Party next week may be a waste of a vacation day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Many Questions

Few answers.

And I'm being rhetorical here, because we can speculate, but we don't really know. What drives someone to take their own life? What is so terrible, so irredeemable that it requires one to take ones' own life.

The saddest part is those left behind wondering why.

Cuba Policy

I lean toward supporting this. I've always believed that Levi's, Coca Cola and McDonald's are the opening salvos in a capitalistic revolution. If this is the start, I think it's a good thing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Live Free or Die

My daughter reminded me. We must stand up. We must oppose.

"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

UN vs. NK

Wow! Here's a shock! Russia and China holding up the show. Restraint. Not our friends. Never have been. I'm sure TCO thought this would be a no-brainer. They'd be so enthralled by his Rock-Staredness that the Security Council would just roll over. Apparently not.

Copy and Paste

The Beer: The Lawnmower de Saison is bottled. A few days have to pass before tasting.

The Bicycle: Anyone else sick of this crappy weather? I want to ride!

The VRWC: Am I the only one? I can no longer copy and paste web page content. I even changed browsers from IE to Firefox. Nothin'. Any help?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nk Fires Rocket

What will the world do? Looks like, "Harrumph, Harrumph.....we've got to keep our phoney baloney jobs". NK knew nothing would happen. They'll pull this off with impunity.

Fannie Mae Retention Bonuses

Where's the outrage? Where are the protests? Where's Barney threatening these guys with a name-and-address jihad?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, at least Baucus is consistent.

Larry Summers - Wall Street Wizard

This doesn't particularly bother me under normal circumstances. But considering the AIG rhetoric, I'd say the President should have disqualified Summers.

26% Pay Boost?

Why? What has this guy done to warrant an increase? I'm sure those laid off or taking pay cuts are happy to hear this.

Not Likely

The Taliban are taking credit for this? Really?

This tragedy appears to be the work of a lone gunman. Motive? Unclear. Taliban? No.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stop Me Before I Gift Again!

This is NOT what one gives the Queen. Seriously? An IPod? What, the Queen is an 8-year-old girl?

This administration continues to show it's amateur hour at the White House and continues to insult our allies while playing up to our enemies.

Adult supervision, please?

North Korean Missile Launch

So, did Baghdad Bob make it to North Korea? I don't believe NK has the ability to shoot down a Spad VII, much less a US spy plane. Besides, the RC-135 is not like the SR-71. It looks into enemy territory from outside. No need to violate airspace.

The administration and the UN will do nothing about this, even if the missile is equipped with a nuclear warhead and lands on Pearl Harbor. Sanctions? Nobody trades with NK anyway. The UN is incapable of using force, so it will be left alone.

Anarchists vs.Real People

Probably not. At least not because of economic conditions. These "people" protesting at the G-20 are not representative of the population. Look at them on the news. Do they look familiar? They should. They are the same professional protesters who show up at economic conferences, (alleged) Global Warming summits, anti-nuclear rallies, anti-war rallies......

If there is social unrest it will be because this administration is undermining Constitutional Liberties or because a new global governement has become so onerous the people can't stand it anymore. One more possibility: The new administration can't deliver on promises of "bread and circuses".

Stimulating the Teachers Union

I'd love to know how this gets spent.

GM Bankruptcy?

I'm guessing the Union contract will remain unchanged. To do otherwise would cost TCO and Democrats voters (not that they will flock to Republicans).