Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can We PLEASE Rethink AGW?

Pretty please? Evidence that we are moving into a cooler climate cycle continues to grow. Before we ruin the world economy and further impoverish third-world nations by hamstringing energy supplies, shouldn't we be sure? The potential effects of eliminating the sources of a vast majority of the worlds' energy resources (i.e., fossil fuels - worldwide, about 90%), will be far more devastating to humans than (alleged) AGW.

Governments are basing energy decisions on sloppy, politically motivated science. TCO promised to "bring science back to the White House". This would be a good time to do so.

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Dad29 said...

Besides the obvious powerplay--that is, that Gummint will make you kneel in agony whenever they fucking well feel like it--this is the next great Rent-Seeker play.

Watch GE magically snag several billion in Gummint handouts, or in sales from (co-incidentally) Gummint-approved goods.