Monday, September 19, 2011

At What Point.... Obama responsible as President of the United States?  Does the Buck ever stop with Him?  Apparently, never according to Bill Keller in the Obama mouthpiece formerly known as The New York Times.

I can't fathom the intellectual dishonesty required to come up with this stuff.  The Democrats still own two-of-three branches of the government.  For two full years, Republicans had no ability to stop anything.  Obama has been president for nearly three years.  And the current economy is the fault of Bush and the Republicans?

Obama has done exactly nothing.  Her has led no legislative agenda, made no attempt at any kind of bipartisan compromise ("I won".)  He has never considered any program or legislation set forth by the GOP.  He has demagogued Republican efforts at budgetary sanity.  He has fomented Class Warfare and taken the fight to his political enemies using the power of government.  His use of OFA and worse, DOJ in Wisconsin is an abuse of power not seen in my lifetime....and I lived through Nixon.

Keller completely misreads the rise of the TEA Party.  It is not a "toxic legacy" of  George Bush, but rather "the adults in the room".  We are the only ones who understand that government spending will never bring prosperity....ever.  We are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren.  Madison would have been a TEA Party activist.  Clearly Keller has never read Madison.

The sycophants on the Left still read NYT and are in lockstep with Keller.  I guess they are not part of the 18%-plus who are unemployed/underemployed.

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