Sunday, February 20, 2011

Supporting Scott Walker

We made the decision to go to Madison for Saturday's rally late on Friday.  I was a little (a lot) apprehensive going into the belly of the beast, knowing the rhetoric that was coming out of Madison regarding Walker and the TEA Party.  That I was taking along my wife and our friend was that much more concerning; I can take care of myself.  We were able to park away from the Capitol and ride a bus in.  The bus dropped us a couple blocks from the Capitol and we were some of the first to arrive.  The nice part about arriving early is one gets to meet and greet a little.  Former Senatorial candidate (and all-around good guy) Dave Westlake was there as was Mary Dake, wife of Tim Dake from Grandsons of Liberty.  There were plenty from the other side, including a few infiltrators, but on the whole it was peaceful.  

The speakers included the aformentioned Dave Westlake, Vicki McKenna, the always awesome Herman Cain, Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) and others.  Gateway estimates the crowd at 15,000.  That's absurd.  Maybe 10,000.  But even that many was a nice turnout on 24 hour notice.  The Left could not pull that off without busing in the pros.

From my comment at Gateway:

But the big difference was in the signs. The Left had not only the most hateful, but most ridiculous signs. One homemade sign infiltrating our crowd said, “Millionaires for Walkercare”. WTF does that mean? And this whole, “Paid for by the Koch Brothers” idea is equally ridiculous. I’m waiting for my check then, I suppose. No shortage of Hitler signs. Conservative Girl has probably the worst one.
I was able to engage a teacher, but he wouldn’t budge telling me that they were willing to make concessions. I wondered where those concessions were when my school board was asking for them 6 months ago. And this isn’t even about the teachers. It’s about state employees. You would think that Walker was going to strip the public and private sector unions of everything – workplace protections, pay and benefits, strip them naked and force them to work shoveling snow from around the Capitol.
Many signs had statements like, “Care for teachers as they care for your child”. THE TEACHERS WHO TOOK OFF “SICK” FOR THREE DAYS!?!?!?!?!. Others said, “Stop the attack on working families”. Dude….I work and you are bleeding me white. Public sector union employees don’t understand that they are net tax “receivers”, not payers. We are their employers. And there is not entitlement to more pay just because one has two Masters Degrees. Something a Madison teacher with two Masters Degrees was unable to comprehend.
In all, peaceful.

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Deekaman said...

Oh...and we missed the bus on the way back, so we stopped at the Hilton and had a cocktail and a little food. Caught a cab back to the car. the driver was very unhappy about the teachers "calling in sick", but glad for the business she had by them being in Madison. She was certainly on our side.