Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ignoring the Law?

The Professor over at Legal Insurrection discusses the ramifications of the Presidents ignoring of judicial rulings not in his favor.

The overturning of the deepwater drilling ban is not the only ruling TCO has ignored.  The ruling against Obamacare is also being ignored and business continues "as usual".  This is the same POTUS who is operating without a budget.    The same one who had his proxies jammed through wildly unpopular legislation even as nearly 1 million people took to the National Mall in protest (interesting that for an ally, one-half that many people would be cause for "busing" said ally).  The same Chosen One who stated during the campaign that his goal was to make electricity prices "necessarily skyrocket".  The same Chosen One who, seeing a $1 Trillion (deficit) stimulus provide no measurable results, decided we needed another.  The same Chosen One who is dealing in Cronyism with General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt.

All this evidence leads me to the idea that there is a case for impeachment out there.  This POTUS has undermined National Security through economic destruction either through incompetence or malice.  He has damaged relationships with long-time allies and appeased enemies.  He has failed to control the borders.  He ignores judicial rulings.

Failing to fulfill the Constitutional requirements of the office is grounds for impeachment.  It is treason to intentionally fail to meet Constitutional obligations.


sofa said...

Agree. Treason. So what?
No oath breaker in DC will do anything.

We are a nation 'without the rule of law'.

This is a Charles Manson- Cloward- Piven "Thug-ocracy" of Marxism.

It's going to get much worse, before it completely comes undone.

Deekaman said...

You are not giving me a "warm fuzzy" here.

Unfortunately, you are spot-on.