Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marc Levine Needs a Real Job

Professor Marc Levine wants us to "tax the (evil) rich" to balance the state budget.  I am assuming that is so he doesn't have to sacrifice anything in this down turn.  See, as a professor in the Wisconsin University system, Dr.. Levine would be giving up his taxpayer-funded gravy train.

But the greater issue here is the absurd idea that the rich should be taxed to fund everyone else.  First, who are "the Rich"?  What level of income constitutes "rich"?  In my mind, anyone who has more money than me would be "Rich", so Dr. Levine should pay more than I do.  And the other end of this is, who funds the party when the rich are tapped out?  There will come a time when the cost of being "rich" exceeds any value of being "rich".

We continue down an unsustainable economic course and the children are at the controls.

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