Sunday, February 13, 2011

Democracy or Liberty

Much has been made over the idea of a "Democracy" movement in Egypt.  But the goal should not be Democracy, but rather Liberty.  There is "Democracy" in China, in Iran, in Cuba and in Venezuela, but little Liberty.  Private property rights are nearly non-existent.  The right to be safe in your person and papers does not exist.

The idea of Democracy - one person, one vote - is noble indeed.  But human nature, being what it is, Democracy is easily swayed toward our baser instincts.  Greed and envy are often used by politicians to pit groups against each other.  How good does it sound to "spread the wealth"?  How about "Free Healthcare for All"?  "It's for the children".  "Fairness".  But these run counter to true Liberty.

Liberty is the freedom from arbitrary control.  In the United States, it means we have God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; that we have the God-given right to that which we earn.  We are able to trade our labor for, in the end, property.  We are secure in that property.  It cannot be taken away without compensation.

Liberty is that which we should strive to export, not Democracy.  Liberty is what makes people safe and prosperous.

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