Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jill thinks it's "Meet the new boss", but I'm certain it's not "the same as the old boss".

I mean seriously.  After 8 years of Doyle beholden to the public sector and teachers unions and in the pocket of ethanol and tort lawyers, this is what she's got?

Walker WILL bring jobs to the state.  Lots of them.

Oh...note to the new Governor:  Kill that ethanol mandate?  Thanks.


saywhat said...

Of course these new jobs, if they do materialize, will be the low wage, no benefit type and usher in the Right's new Age of Nepotism.

Deekaman said...

Yes, yes...of course. And there is no nepotism amongst Democrats. No "pay-for-play" (ahem GE).

You are deluded. Free enterprise will pay what it takes to get the people they need. I didn't need a union to get my job (that pays plenty well, thanks). And I don't need some "guarantee". I have skills. I can go to someone else who wants those skills.

The only people who are scared of this are slackers and losers. which are you?

saywhat said...

Let's take a situation that you, if as skilled and special as you say you are, will never have to experience.

Try to imagine for just a moment what it must be like for the rest of us, normal working people not blessed with your special skills and abilities. Someone who might, along with several other average people, find themselves competing for the same position. My preference for advancement in this case would be the seniority system, while others prefer to try and curry favor by sucking up to the boss. A choice suited to some, but one many find distasteful and refuse to participate in.

The only people who are scared of seniority are suck ups and yes men, which are you?

Deekaman said...

Really? so you are happy that an incompetent is ahead of you because he's been there longer.

Or are you the incompetent?

Or just a Dick?

I'll be in Madison tomorrow with a few of my friends. We didn't call in sick. We were respectful of our employers and waited until we had time off. Public employees have bitten the hand that feeds them for the last time.

saywhat said...

Better an incompetent ahead of me than some low-life toady.

Are you a toady?

That's not a very nice thing to say. If I were a Dick, I'd be you.

So, the reason you haven't been to Madison yet is because you are respectful of your employer. Are you positive that doesn't translate into your just being fearful the boss might get irritated if you asked for some time off?

Deekaman said...

So, how long have you been cheating your employer? I know he's an evil stooge and deserves it. You certainly must deserve all the money he has.

Do you actually have something useful to say?

Go away. Your mommy is calling you up from the basement for dinner.

Anonymous said...

deekaman is a little paronoid freak never came to plate to searve in military little man

Deekaman said...

Trolls abound. Many of whom are illiterate.

Deekaman said...

And bravely anonymous.

saywhat said...

Checked the site, it read eight comments, so I assumed you were continuing our little back and forth. But, alas, it was not to be. It was just you and somebody named Anonymous.

Although I don't respect the act of censorship, it seems too big Government even for a liberal like me. I do have to give you credit for your surefire plan to always get the last word in a debate.

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

Deekaman said...

Substantive comments are always welcome. Bullshit is not.

Though admittedly, sometimes I allow for bullshit for expositional purposes.

saywhat said...

Well of course, here at least, you have complete control over the Deekaman BS meter. But, as for the comment section, you might consider adjusting it to screen outgoing as well as incoming bullshit. Otherwise, all rationalization aside, it still just censorship in its purest form.

Personally, I'm willing to be as polite or as rude as you wish to be. If you would care to check this thread, it wasn't I who started with the personal stuff.

Deekaman said...

Hmmm...the unsubstantiated "Right's new Age of Nepotism" started this. completely unsubstantiated and no bothering to recognize that the Left is entirely owned by special interests in the form of Big Union, Big Environmental, Big Handout, Big Alternative Energy (GE), Big Anti-War and Big Anarchy.

So, if you want honest debate, start being honest and talk policy, otherwise, you get what you give. is my forum and I'm not least not in the way the Leftists have bullied everyone into shutting up with PC.

saywhat said...

I guess I expected you to distinguish between yourself and a generic term like the "right." I understand a personal comment to be one made against me as an individual. Not one made about an entity like the left, the Green Bay Packers or the Cleveland Browns. I might not like a comment made about something I like or believe in and may even take offense. But, not by any stretch of the imagination, can it be construed as being directed at me personally.

On the other hand, I do feel safe in saying comments like the following fit easily into the definition of personal... "You are deluded" or "The only people who are scared of this are slackers and losers. which are you?"

Deekaman said...

Since I consider myself part of that Right-Wing that gets bashed at every opportunity for being greedy, racist, sexist and homophobic, I guess I consider your comments "personal".

If you would like to cover some specific policy that indicates the Right is nepotistic (if that's actually a word) or show me how the Left is not, feel free. Otherwise we're done.

saywhat said...

I don't know if " nepotistic" is a word or not either. But I do know they have a p word for those feeling that the world is against them.

Deekaman said...

The world? Nah...just this administration. OTOH, just because you aren't paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

Oh...and 50,000 of your union friends appear to be that "P"-word in Madison yesterday.