Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Children's Future Depends On Irresponsible Profligate Government Spending

At least according to the Governor of Maryland.

Republican governors see cuts as an end unto themselves. But Democratic governors believe that cutting spending and reducing the size of government are means to the larger ends of creating jobs, expanding opportunity and winning the future. We must therefore be strategic in how we cut.

I have yet to meet a Democrat governor who has made real cuts to their budget.  "Strategic cuts" can only mean one thing.  "Tax Increases".  If the governor made real cuts to his budget, it would have to be (in order to be meaningful) cuts to the bureaucracy.  Those cuts would hurt him polictically, since campaign contributions roll in heavily from public-sector workers unions.

They yell loudly about budget crises, make scapegoats of working men and women and grab headlines with their over-the-top antics.

"Over-the-top antics" leaving the state to avoid a tough vote?  Would that be the antics to which he refers?  Apparently, taxpayers are not "working people" and deserve to be scapegoated....or public sector unions.

Their wonderland approach makes deep cuts to education and schools when we need to improve the skills of our work force. They attack a worker’s right to bargain for fair wages, while pushing through tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens. They skip pension payments and raise property taxes, while crowing about fiscal responsibility.
Democratic governors are taking a very different approach. While Republican governors are focused on generating headlines, we are managing for results and helping our country generate jobs. From North Carolina to Oregon, Vermont to California, Democratic governors are balancing and moving forward at the same time.

Public education and schools and schools are an abysmal failure.  They no longer teach children, they indoctrinate them.  In southeastern Wisconsin, there are reports of teachers pontificating to their students regarding the Wisconsin budget repair bill (which affects them only in the most tangential way) and pressuring the students to support the Teacher's Union.  Clearly unethical.  There is no "Right" to collective bargaining for public-sector workers (or anyone else for that matter).  Collective bargaining was legislated in Wisconsin in 1959.  It can be un-legislated.  And yes, governor...California is really hitting the whole job-creation thing hard here.  I'm sure that will happen after they get a bailout from the American Taxpayer, courtesy of The Chosen One.

In Maryland, even as we’ve cut $5.6 billion and reduced the size of our state government, we have made record investments in public education that are improving student achievement in our state. We held to a four-year tuition freeze at our state universities and created — in some cases, even increased — targeted job creation tax incentives to help businesses put Marylanders back to work and expand our state’s innovation economy. you reduced by $5.6 billion, but you haven't "cut" anything?  How does that work?  Only by the magic of Leftist math.  "Targeted job creation tax incentives".  Maryland is the 5th highest taxation state.  Many indicators show Maryland is in line with California and my home state of Wisconsin for economic disaster.  The Governor paints a rosy picture, but give it a couple years and we will see who is growing and who isn't.

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