Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allow Me to Throw the BullshitFlag

Since when has the United States of America not stood up for Liberty over Tyranny (at least, before 2008 anyway).  Libya is in full revolt.  Gadhafi (or Kadafi or Qaddafi or Qaddafi Duck) is done.  Doomed.  He may take many with him, but according to reports, he holds only the Capital and even the military is out.  Now the President  has finally spoken out.  We are what...8 days into this?  He's been silent.  Dead silent.  Just as with Iran.  He fears....what?

In Iran, he allowed the slaughter of civilian demonstrators last summer.  He sided with the likes of Chavez and Castro over Honduras.  He allows more slaughter now in Libya.  And at the same time, sends his thugs out against the citizens and taxpayers of Wisconsin in violation of the Tenth Amendment of The Constitution.  He is on the wrong side of everything.

Is Congress readying articles of impeachment yet?  Or are they afraid, too.

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