Friday, August 20, 2010

Funny How That Works

Jill ignores the threat of radical Islam while bashing Christians. Nicely done. The "moral superiority" of the Left is no different from the pacifism of the 1930's Europeans.

I'll take my chances with the Christians, thanks. I'm not seeing any routine murder of non-Christian missionaries, they don't cut the nose and ears off young women who choose to marry someone other than their "intended" and they don't strap bombs to women and children. Christians don't go out in large numbers and hack to death those of another religion.

Now, Jill will come back I'm sure with examples of Christians committing heinous crimes. That may be fact, but it is not part and parcel of any sect of Christian religion.

But Jill won't let fact that get in her way.


Ordinary Jill said...

I love Christianity (even though I have issues with some of its earthly representatives). I pointed out those examples not to bash Christianity but to help you understand that equating most American Muslims (not to mention Indonesian Muslims) with the Saudis and the Taliban is like equating the Lutherans with the Hutaree Militia. There are many passages in the Christian Bible, as well as in the Koran, urging violent death to unbelievers. Over the past 200 years, Christianity has evolved to the point where no mainstream group believes in violently forced conversions. Islam is just beginning a similar transition. But as far as you're concerned, all Muslims are the same. That sort of stubborn ignorance really pisses me off. I'm not going to waste any more time debating with you, because you have demonstrated an unwillingness to acknowledge any facts that disagree with your worldview (as evidenced by our past argument over federal programs, where even dad29 agreed with me about the FDIC).

Deekaman said...

Christianity is based on the New Testament, not the Old. You will be hard pressed to find passages advocating the death of non-believers there (I suspect you will be hard pressed to find an overarching directive in the Old as well. Even the directive to Joshua was only valid for that time and location).

No one is making equivalents here, but rather my biggest problem is the failure of mainstream Islam to condemn both the Cordoba Center (a symbol of conquest, not a "community and worship center" and the radicals of Islam that seem to be nearly everywhere.

You need not debate with me or agree with me. If I am unwilling to look at the facts, the same accusation can be made toward you.

I do not see Islam making a transition from forced conversion. One only has to look at the violence toward anyone who offends Islam and the cowardice of the media to defend that freedom to offend to get a glimpse of how far away that time is. Whether Rushdie, Van Gogh or the Danish Press, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of "moderation".

I disagree with people on my own side (Dad and FDIC). I have my worldview and you have yours. Mine is largely based in the Constitution and Biblical morality. If that is not where yours is based, then we will disagree.

Dad29 said...

Yah--I'd sure be interested in EVIDENCE that the Muslims are disavowing forced conversions...

But there is none. Part of that is situational: they don't have majority status in non-Muslim countries.

OTOH, they are demanding that US institutions, particularly public schools and private workplaces, make provision for their religious practices. Sort of a 'cultural jihad', rather than a bloody one.

It will be very interesting to see what happens in Dearborn (MI) over the next 2-5 years.