Sunday, January 17, 2010

UN Global Taxation?

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The Bicycle: How do people ride in this part of the world in January?

The VRWC: This is one that has to be stopped right now.

The UN has no constitutional authority to levy a tax on Americans. It's well past time to either disband the UN or leave the UN.

There are many proposals; all are aimed at wealth transfer from the developed world to the developing. Two proposals:

—a "digital tax or 'hit' tax." The report says the levy "could yield tens of billions of U.S. dollars from a broad base of users";

—a financial transaction tax. The report approvingly cites a levy in Brazil that charged 0.38 percent on bills paid online and on unspecified "major withdrawals." The report says the Brazilian tax was raising an estimated $20 billion per year until it was cancelled for unspecified reasons.

I can tell you why it was cancelled: the taxpayers didn't like it. That's the only way this stuff ever gets changed.

There are reasons the developing world is in the condition it is, much of the it being corrupt, tyrannical government. This money will never see the light of day for it's intended use. It will wind up in the pockets of corruptocrats in both the UN and third-world dictatorships. As evidence? Oil for Food.

Read the full article and the Executive Summary. I am certain the current party in power is fully in favor of this. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you need to be on top of this one.

Let the campaign begin.


Ordinary Jill said...

Relax. There have been no proposals in Congress to enact this in the U.S. It's just a pipe dream at the WHO. The professional grant writers at the Red Cross could also write a report considering asking the nations of the world to establish some special tax to help fund their activities. It doesn't mean it's going to happen. Fox is just whipping up hysteria for ratings, and to help the various Tea Party organizations raise money to fight this nonexistent threat. It's just like the NRA telling everyone that the federal government is going to take your guns away now that the Democrats are in charge. How many federal gun laws have been enacted in the past year?

Deekaman said...

Raising the Bullshit Flag here, Jill. "Let's wait and see". NO. These people are relentless. 50 years of "let's wait and see". No more. This administration will be more than happy to allow an Unconstitutional taxation of the American people. They've shown it at Copenhagen. This stuff needs to die early.

Your example of gun laws is incorrect. There are many that have passed (Brady) and many that have been tried and only failed because of organizations like the NRA.

And you might bother to investigate the TEA Party movement before you dismiss it.

Ordinary Jill said...

I'm talking specifically about the "Obama will take your guns away" meme. The Brady law passed many years ago, under Clinton, not in the last year.

The Tea Party movement would be more effective, in my opinion, if it would concentrate on actual legislation, like the health care reform bills, and not waste effort tilting at windmills and straw men. If and when some member of Congress actually proposes legislation, you will have an actual target for your arguments.

And nothing actually came out of the Copenhagen talks. They passed a watered-down, non-binding accord that contained no actual commitments to anything. It amazes me how a segment of our population that is usually so self-reliant and strong is so paranoid and afraid of the U.N., one of the world's most impotent bureaucracies.

Deekaman said...

You completely misread the TEA party movement. The Healthcare Debate is a major part of the movement - at least in the local TEA Party organizations. The Democrat healthcare plan does nothing but raise taxes and reduces options. When a plan comes along that actually helps fix the REAL problems with healthcare, the movement will be on board.

That notwithstanding, every Congress, there is an attempt from the Left to incrementally reduce gun ownership in the guise of "reducing gun crimes". Bad guys don't care about laws. That's why they are bad. All these laws do is take guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens in violation of the Constitution.

Further, the only reason Dopenhagen came out with watered-down crap is because the citizens of this and other countries said, "I don't think so".

This President is a Statist at best and a Marxist/Socialist at worst. Incrementalism has been taking us farther down this road year-on-year and people are fed up with it. They are fed up with Big Government taking from the productive to give to the unproductive. They are tired of a huge percentage of taxes ending up funding the bureaucracy, rather than going to the stated purpose. They are tired of Congress making laws and exempting themselves and their preferred institutions from them.

This is not a Democrat vs. Republican thing. This is a Liberty/Tyranny, Big Government/Effective Government, Federal Control/States Rights thing. We will be ignored by politicians at their peril.

We are not going away.

Phelony Jones said...

Sir, is the Celebrationizater ale in preparation for Tuesday?

A dry run for 2012?

I can't wait until we take our country back, where it belongs.