Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turn of the Phrase

It's all in how you word it. Valerie Jarrett speaks on Meet the Press:

"I think what we've seen is a dramatic difference in terms of how the United States is perceived around the world,"

This is true. But not in the way she proclaims:

She claims Obama's travels have built relationships that "lay a foundation for keeping America safe and making us a partner around the world."

Really? That's why under his watch both the Iranians and NorKos have brought their nuclear programs into the open and escalated them. That's why under his watch, the Russians have started to rebuild their weapons programs. That's why more troops are getting killed in Afghanistan while he "dithers" over troop augmentation. That's why an an American, who is Islamic and had contact with AQ shot up the Army base at Fort Hood. That's why the underwear bomber nearly got away with it. In truth, we are less safe than any time since 9/11. The bad guys are laughing.

Jarrett also credited the president with having "pulled back the economy from the brink of disaster." That's why unemployment sits at 10%, and real un- and under-employment sits closer to 20%. The (alleged) Stimulus Program has done N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Green jobs? Big Steamin' Pile. Everything he has done on the economy has been wrong.

Jarrett insisted the president never wavered from his promised bipartisan approach.

Discussing his health care initiative, Jarrett said Obama "has sat down with the leadership and members of the Republican Party, both the House and the Senate. In fact, bills in both the House and the Senate contain provisions that were suggested by the Republican Party -- so nothing's changed about the president's approach."

This is the biggest load of crap of them all. If he sat down with Republicans at all, he has shown no inclination to compromise. The Leftists idea of "bipartisanship" is for Republicans to move to their side. There is nothing in the healthcare bills that give any indication that what she says is true. But, of course, CNN reports it without question.


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