Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is the TEA Party Movement?

I don't think anyone other than those directly involved (and even then) truly understand the magnitude of the TEA Party movement. I think we all understand that the REAL TEA Party movement, as opposed to teapartyexpress, is a real grassroots movement that has huge momentum and has brought people together in a way not seen in my lifetime.

The Leftist protests of the past - anti-war, environmental,anti-this-and-that - are all protest-for-hire. Look at any college newspaper and see the ads for "activists wanted". This is the real deal. Look at the people who surround you. Talk to them. Most will say, "I've never been politically active before. But I'm afraid of the direction our country is headed." All love their country and their freedom, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. One can see that at the TEA Parties when the people say The Pledge of Allegiance, or sing the National Anthem without hesitation. The singing of the National Anthem by a few thousand patriots is the most beautiful music. They all believe in a higher power. They may not be Christian, but they do believe. And that is a fundamental part of this movement. We all believe that Rights come from God, not from government. If Rights come from government, they can be taken away. Those Rights given by God cannot.

We are the regular folks of this country. We will prevail in spite of the hateful actions of the Leftists against us. Their words and actions will not discourage or deter us. We will return this country to it's rightful greatness.

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