Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union.....Live

Allegedly, TCO will be talking to us (at us?) in about 5 minutes. I predict he will be at least 10 minutes late.

Looks like Biden and Pelosi are talking right now. I'll throw in some commentary as we go.

It is 1958 and the President has just arrived. 1800....5 minutes late. We considered a shot of tequila for every standing ovation, but we figured we didn't have enough tequila.

There are excerpts run across the screen. Everyone is B.S. "We share stubborn resilience facing adversity". WTF does THAT mean?

It is 2005. 10 minutes late. Here he comes. To thundering (Leftist) applause.'s tax-cheat Geithner.

2010. It's showtime.

For the last time Nancy Pelosi is introducing the President of the United States.

"So we we acted....the worst of the storm has passed".....are you kidding me?

Biden looks like a bobblehead. Waiting for him to "Amen, Brother!"

"Wondering why Wall Street is rewarded?" You freaking bailed them out!!!!!!!!!

Grassley is falling asleep.

Pelosi is thinking, "Wow, would I like to DO him."

Optimistic about the future? I don't know too many who are. "Government that matches their decency?" He and his cabinet and most of Congress should resign.

Smilin' Joe.

"I hated" the bank bailout. No you didn't.

Blame Bush. Good. Took 9 minutes.

More smilin' Joe.

Tax the evil banks to pay back the taxpayers. Who pays that tax in the end?

"We cut taxes?" WTF? Democrats are standing, Republicans are not. He did no such thing.

More to spend? LIAR.

2 million Americans working who would not be? I'm raising the Bullshit Flag. Harry Reid Yawns.

Stimulus bill had saved jobs?

Jobs must be our focus? Blinding flash of the obvious. Brilliant in its' simplicity.

Smilin' Joe nodding again.

High speed we go. We need it ...why?

Clean energy. I've stated time and again how it doesn't work.

Jobs bill...without delay.

Laying a new foundation. I see Socialism. Housing bubble? Ummmthanks to the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

Yes...we should wait...until you are out of office.

China IS revamping their economy...they are moving toward Capitalism.

Time to get serious about the problems impeding growth. More reference to blaming Bush.

God Pelosi is SUCH a sycophant.

Encourage clean energy.

Put 1000 people to work building solar panels. That people can't afford and have a payback longer than their lifetime.

Clean nuclear? Put your money where your mouth is. Reopen Yucca Mountain.

Energy and climate bill. Overwhelming scientific evidence? Bullshit flag again. The country that leads in clean energy is the country that leads economically? Are you effing kidding me?

Claims to double exports in the next five years? How? Export controls. That can't be good. I see jobs being exported.

OK. I'm done and gonna puke.

Maybe not. Here we go....government needs to take care of the people. Claims doctors and nurses prefer his plan...NO THEY DON'T!!!!!

We heard you....we didn't like what you said.

Government spending.....more Bush-blaming.

Expensive government-run prescription drug program....and they want to take over health care?

Spending freeze? For three years. Medicare, defense and Social Security will not be affected. That is a huge portion of the budget. $20 billion in savings? That's nothing.

Executive order to circumvent the Senate. Didn't Democrats defeat pay-as-you-go?

We face a deficit of shit? Do our work openly? You must be joking.

Continue down the road of earmark reform? The President signed the biggest porkulus bills EVER!

Bipartisanism....that means that the Right must move to the Left. you haven't had any interest to this point.

Obstruct every bill "because they can". What have Democrats done for the last 30 years?

You can help us best by staying out of our way.

Trying to change the tone? Then quit blaming Bush.

National security....committed to defense? do what it takes to defend our country? Like lawyering-up terrorists? can pull troops out of Iraq because Bush won it.

Troops "have our respect". You are so full of it. You don'trespect our troops. Remember "War is not the answer"? I recall the administration wanted to tax veterans healthcare.

Unilateral disarmament. this is b...a...d. Iran? NoKo? He said nothing about the Human Rights violations in either of those countries. EVER. People dying in the streets at the hand of their own government. And nothing.

Like YOU believe in the Constitution.


"In the end"...thank God.

Government is NOT full of "honorable men".

Shot at Fox News.

Lower lip bite.

I HOPE he can't deliver.

It's NOT a democracy. It's representative republic.

Smilin' Joe looks like a bobblehead again.


Grassley is comatose. Pelosi is SO into TCO.

I just want to barf.

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