Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lies, Damn Lies and The Left

It's a shame Rose Locander spent 33 years indoctrinating educating Wisconsin children.  She is much better at propaganda.

In her November 15, 2011 column, Rosie the Recaller tries to convince us that the years public employees spent raping the taxpayer for no benefit other than their own was no big deal.  It was 50 years of "Blood, Sweat and Tears".

Sorry, Rose (not really - it's just a figure of speech).  It was more like ,"We're going to get ours and screw you, taxpayer."  Teachers in particular have received more and more for less and less.  There has been no measurable improvement in Wisconsin education in those 50 years.  In fact, it has gotten worse.  Just about a year ago, I was placed in charge of a manufacturing operation.  If the performance of that operation had been worse after I was placed in charge, I guarantee you I would not get a raise and would be lucky to keep my job.  But not if you're a teacher.  Keep your job and clamor for more money which your friends on the school board (former teachers, generally) are more than happy to give you.

Locander claims "If this was on his mind so early into his governorship, it seems logical this would have been something for him to talk about during the campaign."  Maybe so, but I am pretty sure you didn't tell anyone thirty three years ago that the performance of your "profession" (I use the term loosely - you are not a professional.  You belong to a labor union and are, therefore, labor) that your performance would not improve with time and money.  She further makes claims regarding "workers rights".  You did not have a "right" here.  You had a privilege which you abused.  It was revoked.  You are lucky that's all you get.  You should have been fired.  The lot of you.  You collude with government to rape the taxpayer, then buy the politician with the dirty money you have stolen.  You claim to hate the corporations that "buy" government, but fail to recognize that unions deliver more money to politicians than the "evil" corporations ever thought of.  Unions are no more "persons" than corporations are.

Shame on you, Rose Locander.  You are a propagandist, liar and hypocrite.  I should come and protest on your front lawn.

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Dad29 said...

propagandist, liar and hypocrite

Pretty mild words....