Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They Become More Hostile Every Day

I don't know who James Marshall Crotty is, but he seems to think he's pretty smart and we are pretty stupid.  Because you are God-Fearing, run a business, spell potato with an "e" at the end, talk funny or are just a Conservative, you are a dunce.  Now, stating one has been to "57 states", giving the Russians a "reset button", and making an ass of yourself before the Queen of England, well, apparently those are forgivable gaffes.  Spending trillions of dollars in "stimulus" with no discernible benefit (except to cronies like Solyndra) is not "stupid" in the Liberal sense.  He is happy to state that Michelle Bachmann has little understanding of countries outside the US border, but fails to see that the current "Occupier" of the White House, his "Chosen One" has shown a complete inability and unwillingness to deal with foreign policy.

He speaks as though he knows all and anyone who sees anything differently must do so because they are stupid.  He claims Iraq came about as a lie, but it did not.  Even if it did, Democrats, including the Occupier were complicit.  Further, he claims the cost in the trillions, but he is lying.

Crotty doesn't feel the Republican nominees debate well, but apparently The Occupier's use of a teleprompter for nearly everything is no matter of importance.

Crotty's slander, name-calling, lying and disinformation speak to his hatred.  He's one of the "Smart People" not a smart (or nice) person.  He shows his fear and insecurity in his own intelligence by trying to bring down those of us on the Right.

His die-hard Republican mother should have kicked his ass.

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