Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here We Go Again

The name of this blog is Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC, but I've been rather delinquent in the beer and bicycles part.  I think I need to fix that.

The Beer:  A Scottish Wee Heavy awaits me for bottling.  A Winter Saison and a clone of Arrogant Bastard Ale have turned out nicely (the latter being a fitting beer for me).  Saturday, I intend to brew up a Pumpkin Ale.    I have also bottled the mead and brewed up a nice apple cider.  Next week is time for opening the Bad Santa I brewed in January.

The Bicycle:  Is hanging up after Race the Lake.  I finished in under 4 hours and did very well in my age group and overall (search under bib #554).


I hear a lot of how wonderful teachers are.  I hear a lot about how hard they work and how dedicated they are.  I hear a lot about how they are the experts and we are just a bunch of schlubs who don't know from edumaction.  But apparently, Caryl Davis of the Milwaukee Public Schools doesn't want the hard part.

Look, I get that a good bit of the problem in big city education is the lack of a good parenting.  I get that drugs, violence and poverty permeate the lives of those children left in MPS.  I get that it is nearly impossible to teach kids under those conditions.

What I don't get is why Caryl Davis NOW wants help from the community.  Every time I offer and opinion at a school board meeting that I think is helpful, I get sneers, jeers and looks down the nose.  If you want help,you want help.  If help is offered, at least be polite in turning it down.  You are likely to get a better response when the next time you ask.

But,since teachers are more caring, nurturing, smarter, better, harder working, more dedicated and more underpaid than anyone .....wait for it....EVAH!  They are welcome to kiss my fat ass.

Never complain about free beer, free food or free help.

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