Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Easy to Lie...

But lying about the word of Jesus?  Now,as a rule, I give other folks the benefit of the doubt.  Calling a man a liar just ain't right.  But Carl Koch of LaCrosse, in a letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel either misunderstands the Word  of God, or he chooses to misrepresent that same Word.

He claims that Congressman Paul Ryan has presented a budget that is un-Christian because it doesn't give the government enough money to meet central Catholic teachings and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  But in fact, he's completely wrong here.  It is Koch who is un-Christian.  He expects someone else to do the work of taking carte of the poor and healing of the sick.  He expects the government to do it.  That is not what Jesus meant.  At no point did he say "give your money to the Romans so they can take care of the poor".  No, Jesus told each and every one of us to care for others.  Personally and directly.  But, I am certain that Koch doesn't want to get his hands dirty with "those people".

Further, Koch infers that "rich people" are headed to hell.  Again, he is just wrong.  Loving money more than Jesus, I suppose will get you into Hell.  But we are also commanded to not judge whether or  not people are destined for Heaven or Hell (the REAL meaning of  "judge ye not...").

Koch had no problem with the amount of money Obamacare stole from Medicare, why is there a problem with  Ryan's budget?

Stupid? Stupid is to stay this unsustainable course.  It is stupid to continue to tax and tax and tax in the name of helping others when it is demonstrably true that government programs "help" almost no one.  They only provide a crutch.  A "fish" instead of teaching a man to fish.  That, folks is un-Christian.


Dad29 said...

Another "Catholic" who substitutes emotions for intellect.

No surprise that the two most prominent "Catholic" dissidents in Milwaukee--both "theo" profs at M.U., also disgree with Ryan.

Teresa said...

It's unfortunate that the USCCB also substitutes emotions for factual Catholic social teaching. I've been thinking about why the bishops - the Catholic Church - insists on being statists or supporting statism. I've been thinking about asking a provocative question on one of my blogs, as far as money and the Church go and its dependency on the government.