Monday, March 5, 2012

What's Next After Walker Wins Recall?

The Beer:  I brewed up a Pilsener over the weekend.  It will have to lager for an extended period, so I'm figuring about the time it gets warm, the Pils will be ready to drink.

The Bicycle:  It appears riding season is soon upon us, with Tuesday and Wednesday temps in the 50's.  Yay.

The VRWC:  It is a foregone conclusion that there will be a recall election in Wisconsin.  It is as nearly forgone that Walker will win, regardless of who the opponent is.  Falk will get clobbered.  I don't even think the Leftists like her.  Barrett thinks he can win, but once it comes out he's been using the Act 10 tools, he's toast.

So what happens if Walker wins?  The Left has spend millions upon millions trying to make Wisconsin ungovernable.  Street Theater, Occupying and defacing the Capitol, bullying and shouting down legislators, staling the governor, drums and vuvuzelas and 300 paces (approximate distance from the square to the rotunda).  They are barbarians.

So, what happens when Walker wins?  Permanent occupation?  Making Wisconsin ungovernable?  Mass sickouts by teachers and government workers?  Wildcat strikes?  I see the potential for all these and more.  The Left sees the potential for their power to slip away.  They will stop at nothing.  All one needs for a taste is to see what has transpired over one....little...word spoken in satire by Rush Limbaugh.

If you think we aren't next, think again.

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Dad29 said...

Let them go for it.

At some point, it will be a case wherein the survivor will say "I was in grave fear of my life and that of my family" while explaining the results.