Monday, March 12, 2012

They Can't Win If There Is Voter ID

The Beer:  I have a Pilsener lagering for a few weeks before I bottle or keg it.

The Bicycle:  40 miles to open the season (admittedly, only 20 of it was good - carrying around 30 extra pounds doesn't help).

The VRWC:  Another Dane County judge strikes down voter ID.  Is anyone surprised?  The logic here is just tortured.  It is argued the constitution does not explicitly allow for photo ID.  But it can (and should) be argued that "Laws defining residency" and "Providing for registration of electors" can and should include some form of identification.

Further, I would ask this judge if he considers the Constitution of the United States "A Living, Breathing Document" (nearly all Libs do), in which case, it is OK to make stuff up.

But it is not necessary.  Judge Niess, while decrying the parsing of words in the Constitution, does so himself and cherry picks his way to ending voter fraud ID in Wisconsin and ensuring a Democrat majority in the Senate, a new governor and an Obama win in the fall.  I am certain there is a federal judgeship in it for him.

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