Sunday, March 4, 2012

Game On

"Eventually" just showed up.

Napolitano is fired, Brietbart dies, Rush is hushed. On these victories, the Left has begun an all-out offensive against us. Your opinion and faith MUST now coincide with theirs or there will be hell to pay. If you think the Rush Limbaugh thing is the end of it with his apology, think again. The Left has gone into an all-out blitzkrieg against Conservative talk shows, Conservative actors and actresses and Conservative institutions. This may well be our Krystallnacht. (Not that I am comparing Leftists to Nazis. Any comparison is purely your own and/or coincidental).

This is no different from the Nazi takeover of Germany before WWII, it is no different than the Communist takeovers of Russia, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba. Bully the opposition into silence. If they can't be bullied, take away their means of support. If that doesn't work, round them up for re-education. If that doesn't work, shoot them.  Are you prepared?  This will become much worse by the time the general election rolls around.  We must push back, we must not be bullied and we must take the fight to them.

I will no longer be silent in public.  I will no longer silently take their abuse heaped upon us.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

hear! hear! I will not be silent, either.

The Conservative Lady said...

We have to hit them back with all we've got. We have no choice, or else we can kiss our Republic (is it still one?) goodbye.

Deekaman said...

I argue it is no longer a Republic, but rather a DeFacto tyranny in which one can no longer express and opinion that does not coincide with that of the elite Leftists.