Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad Policy That Won't Die

Ethanol is a debacle and needs to go. (Alleged) AGW needs much more real science behind it, not the sloppy, politicized crap that seems to be passing for science in this debate.

Here's a little cherry-picking of data:

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the analysis shows corn ethanol emitting 16 percent less greenhouse gases than gasoline, even taking into account global future land-use changes.

But that's true in only in one of the scenarios the EPA examined; another showed corn ethanol would account for 5 percent more greenhouse gases than gasoline. The scenario Jackson cited assumes future environmental benefits over a period of 100 years will more than pay back the initial increase in greenhouse gases from land use changes.; the second assumes a shorter payback period of 30 years.

I might add that there are any number of reports that indicate ethanol is a loser on all accounts. Google "ethanol energy balance" to see what I mean.

Let's force an end to this debacle. Call your congressman and senators. Tell them to leave the food supply alone.

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