Friday, May 15, 2009

A Modest Rant

The Beer: A Pale Ale to share at the competition is bottled, but I await carbonation. A Honey Ale for a family function awaits my attention.

The Bicycle: For anyone on Green Bay Road yesterday: Are you really in that big a hurry? You REALLY can't wait 5 seconds for oncoming traffic? If you are going to get that close, stop and introduce yourself. And for the kid who felt like he needed to draft off me for a couple miles: Dude, you are all of 25, maybe? You had to slow down and wait to draft off someone twice your age? And then you couldn't take your turn at the pull. Wimp. Sissy. Baby. Chicken. Coward.

The VWRC: Nancy, you have been caught with those panties down around your ankles. Why not just fess up. You are up to your fifth different version of events. Maybe it plays well back home, but the rest of America has just about had enough.

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