Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comments On An Alternative Reality Star Trek

Jill makes some really good observations here. I disagree over the slugs, however (my comment on her post notwithstanding). They seemed to have no effect on Capt. Pike.

Finally got to the new Star Trek movie yesterday. Lots of eye candy in many ways. The effects were awesome. Using CG along with existing facilities (I suspect a refinery was used as the backdrop for the spaceport early in the movie) was very well done. I have some questions, though (outside of the usual, "how does on jump 50 feet to a lower level and manage to not become injured?"):

  1. How did a "mining vessel" get such extraordinary weapons that it could defeat a Federation starship?
  2. Why did it take Nero 25 years to get to Earth.
  3. Why was Earth unprepared? The Federation knew of this threat since the Kelvin incident.
  4. What self-respecting Captain of a Federation Starship makes a wayward cadet on his first voyage the First Officer?
  5. What self-respecting defense force then takes that cadet and makes him Captain of the flagship?
Help me out here? I enjoyed the movie. Pure entertainment, but there were some items that makes common sense say, "Huh?"


Jb said...

1.) It's a mining vessel from 150 years in the future. Presumably, mining is more than just drilling a hole.

2.) Nero was looking for Spock before getting his singularities on.

3.) Earth was unprepared because Nero ambushed the fleet.

4.) Pike sees potential in Kirk and having devoted much of his academic career to the study of his father, probably has an emotional attachment to the young Kirk, maybe even a desire to serve in the capacity of a father figure.

5.) Possibly, because the fleet suffered such great damages during the ambush by Nero, there is a sudden need and opportunity for young talent to advance rapidly up the ranks. Kirk, having displayed what a badass he is gets the nod by saving the world. I'm sure winning the confidence of the previous flagship captain didn't hurt either, and a guy of that much influence is likely to be in a position to lobby for the young Kirk and assuage any concern the brass might have.

Deekaman said...

Points taken. Not sure I'm in full agreement, but they make *some* sense.

Ordinary Jill said...

Nero used the slugs to get the codes for Earth's defensive shields from Pike. By the time Kirk and Spock caught up with him, the drill was in Earth's atmosphere and starting its work; therefore, I concluded that the slugs had already done their work.

Deekaman said...

Thanks for the clarification.

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