Sunday, May 10, 2009

Right Brain-Left Brain

This is ludicrous. So we are going to become a nation of empathetic, creative storytellers?

A young designer in New York re-created the prescription bottle because she noticed that her grandparents were getting their medications confused. She put the medicine's name in large type at the top instead of the doctor's name, and Grandpa gets a green band on his medicine bottle and Grandma gets a yellow band so they can see the difference more clearly. That's an example of how design can literally save lives.

OK...great. So we will be designing things for others to manufacture? Doesn't sound like much of a life for most people.

I mean, seriously. He's kidding, right? I suppose that, at some far future time he may be correct. But right now, this is as crazy an idea as I've ever heard.

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Dad29 said...

I think EVERY grandchild should be doing what she did, all by themselves, at home.

That's what's called 'self-reliance' and used to be known as common fucking sense!